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Pokemon TCG

Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game) is a collectible and strategy based card game based on Nintendo's Pokemon franchise. Two players face off against one another, battling one Pokemon at a time and attempting to knock them out to claim one of six prize cards. The cards have also become highly collectible with some in particular selling for thousands of dollars.

Original Release Date:
October 20, 1996
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pokemon-scarlet-and-violet-tcg-set 1
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet TCG's Most Valuable Cards

The Pokemon TCG's first expansion featuring Gen 9 mons from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has a series of valuable cards collectors are looking for.

A Tentacruel card by Sachiko Adachi beside a Drowzee by Tomokazu Komiya 1
Pokemon TCG: 7 Best Art Styles

With thousands of cards and over two hundred illustrators, Pokemon TCG has witnessed several iconic art styles over the years.

pikachu original card art pokemon trading card game base set 1
Antiques Roadshow Prices Impressive 1999 Pokemon Card Collection

A recent Antiques Roadshow clip shows off the pricing given to an impressive collection of the original Pokemon Trading Card Game base set.

Pokemon TCG 1
Tokyo Shop Stops Pokemon Card Scalpers in a Unique Way

With Pokemon cards in Japan selling out or being resold for an extreme profit, one store is taking a stand.

pokemon trading card game online and pokemon tcg live logos 1
Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Reveals Shutdown Date and Pokemon TCG Live Migration Details

The sun is officially setting on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online as the official date it will be removed from app stores for good is announced.

pokemon diamond and pearl anime ash brock and dawn startled 1
One Store Is Requiring an ID to Buy Pokemon Cards

Due to demand, one store is requiring an ID from all customers who want to buy the new Pokemon TCG Snow Hazard and Clay Burst booster packs.

A big money sale has put a Pikachu trophy card among the most expensive Pokemon cards on the market. 1
Rare Holo Pokemon Card Sells for Super High Price

A rare holographic Pokemon card sells for six-figures at auction, becoming one of the most expensive cards on the market.

pokemon scarlet violet tcg cards klawf lucario growlithe 1
Pokemon Cards Have Completely Run Out in Japan

Rare cards within the new expansion packs for the Pokemon Trading Card Game's Scarlet and Violet set are causing Japan to have nothing left to sell.

pokemon cards 1
Rare Pokemon Cards Are Allegedly Being Stolen Even Before Reaching Stores

Rumors of rare Pokemon card thefts from manufacturing plants spark concerns in the Pokemon Trading Card Game community.

Logan Paul Pokemon Obsession 1
Logan Paul Shows Off Pokemon-Themed Wrestling Mask

Logan Paul shows off an impressive Pokemon-themed gift he received from a legendary WWE superstar during the latest episode of his weekly podcast.

pokemon-tcg-silver-tempest 1
Former GameStop Employee Accused of Stealing Pokemon Cards

GameStop management at an Ohio location accuse an employee of stealing boxes of Pokemon cards which was caught on surveillance footage.

violet-scarlet-starters-pokemon-tcg 1
Pokemon TCG: Most Valuable Cards in the Scarlet & Violet Expansion

Pokemon TCG's Scarlet and Violet expansion brings plenty of valuable cards for collectors to hunt, including a couple of Paradox Pokemon.

The Best Drowzee and Hypno Artwork in the Pokemon TCG 1
Pokemon TCG: The Best Drowzee and Hypno Artwork

They may not be all that useful in matches, but some of the best Drowzee and Hypno artwork would make surrealist masters like Dali and Picasso proud.

pokemon-miraidon-tcg 1
Pokemon TCG: All Cards In the Scarlet & Violet Expansion

The Pokemon TCG Scarlet and Violet expansion introduces plenty of new cards, and Terastal and Paradox Pokemon also make an appearance.

kadabra pokemon tcg art base set 1
Pokemon TCG Reveals First Card Set to Feature Kadabra in Decades

The new Pokemon Card 151 TCG set includes Kadabra getting its first new card since all the way back in 2002 when it received an unfortunate ban.

pokemon-cards-1million-thieves-steal 1
Thieves Steal $1 Million Worth of Pokemon Cards and Other Collectibles

A California-based hobby store is looking for three thieves that stole $1 million worth of Pokemon cards and other valuable collectibles.

Pokemon TCG 1
Pokemon TCG To Add Terastallized Pokemon From Scarlet and Violet

The next Pokemon TCG expansion will bring Terastallized Pokemon from Scarlet and Violet's region as new cards.

ebay-owned-tcgplayer-union-busting-firing 1
Ebay's TCGPlayer Accused of Union Busting

Ebay-owned online marketplace TCGPlayer is accused of union busting from employees, following a vote to unionize earlier this month.

ex-pokemon-tcg 1
How Terastallization Will Work in Pokemon TCG

Terastallization will be making an appearance in Pokemon TCG, and it offers competitive advantages in addition to introducing beautiful artwork.

netflix you actor penn badgley pokemon tcg training video 1
You Star Penn Badgley Once Appeared in Pokemon TCG Training Video

As Penn Badgley is currently the star of the Netflix series You, a video resurfaces showing him in a Pokemon TCG training video.