The Pokemon TCG has exploded in popularity in recent years leading to many rare cards from new sets garnering high price tags among collectors. Now that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have officially kicked off Gen 9, the Pokemon TCG has released its first expansion featuring the creatures and characters from these latest games. As expected, there are several highly sought-after cards in this expansion that have become quite valuable due to their popularity and rarity.

The Scarlet and Violet expansion for the Pokemon TCG released in March of this year, marking the first set where players will be able to obtain Gen 9 mons. Alongside these new creatures, the set also contains a variety of changes to the traditional TCG format including the introduction of a new mechanic for Pokemon-ex cards based on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Terastal Phenomenon and card borders have also changed from the traditional yellow to a gray color to match with the set's Japanese counterpart. As a result of these changes, some of the set's most valuable cards may have a different look to them compared to past prized cards.

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Arcanine ex Ultra Rare

  • Market Price: $15.99

While Arcanine is certainly not new to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it is one of the most popular creatures from the original 151 of Gen 1. As such, it's not surprising to see it show up among the most sought-after cards in the set, especially when it is a full art card. Additionally, this Arcanine is one of the new Pokemon-ex cards to feature the Tera mechanic this set introduced to the TCG, and its status as an Ultra Rare makes it all the more valuable.

Miriam Full Art Ultra Rare

  • Market Price: $21.60

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduced a lot of popular new characters to the franchise, and one that captured the hearts of many was the nurse of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Academy, Miriam. Some of the most valuable cards in the Pokemon TCG often aren't the titular monsters at all, but rather Full Art Supporter cards of human characters, and this Miriam card is one such example as it portrays a popular character from the games rendered in a beautiful Full Art style. Aside from the art, it also has the useful ability to shuffle five Pokemon from the discard pile into the player's deck and then has them draw three cards.

Gyarados ex Ultra Rare

  • Market Price: $22.21

Another popular Gen 1 monster to be featured in this set, the design of Gyarados ex harkens back to the original version of the creature found in the Pokemon TCG's Base Set, making it prime for nostalgia among collectors. It is another Pokemon-ex card that features the Tera mechanic, but is also notable for its powerful Tyrannical Tail attack that has the potential to deal an insane 360 points of damage. The combination of these factors makes it clear why this Gyarados ex card is so valuable.

Koraidon ex Illustration Rare

  • Market Price: $27.16

It's no surprise to see Pokemon Scarlet's box art Legendary among the set's most valuable cards. This Koraidon ex may not be the best within the Pokemon TCG's current meta, but its ability to attach Energy from the discard pile to basic Pokemon still makes it a somewhat viable card. However, its artwork is stunning enough to make it clear why this card holds so much appeal. The illustration is a Full Art render of Koraidon situated within an overgrown, prehistoric jungle and even includes a cute Dedenne running by in the foreground.

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Gardevoir ex Illustration Rare

  • Market Price: $34.00

Even with all the beautiful renders of Legendary Pokemon in this set, one of the most valuable cards comes from the Gen 3 Pokemon Gardevoir. What makes this Gardevoir ex card so special is the story it tells within its illustration. Through the Full Arts of its first two stages, Ralts and Kirlia, players can see the story of a couple growing old together unfold, culminating in Gardevoir ex's imagery of a cozy evening at home with the aging trainers. Not only does it feature this heartwarming artwork, but Gardevoir ex is also very useful within the Pokemon TCG meta as it lets players attach an Energy from their discard pile to one of their mons as often as they'd like.

Miraidon ex Illustration Rare

  • Market Price: $34.50

As the more popular of the two iconic Legendaries of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it makes sense that Miraidon ex is the more valuable card of the two in the Pokemon TCG as well. This Full Art card showcases Miraidon's futuristic elements as it appears to be hovering above a city looking in through a window at a curious Dachsbun. Not only is the artwork incredible, but the card has the ability to easily add basic Pokemon to the player's bench and can deal a powerful 220 points of damage with its Photon Blaster attack.

Miriam Special Illustration Rare

  • Market Price: $70.27

The most valuable card in the Scarlet and Violet set of the Pokemon TCG isn't even a creature at all. Rather, it is the Special Illustration Rare version of Miriam, whose Full Art version is already quite popular, but is taken to the next level in this cute and quirky artwork.

The artwork rendered on this card shows Miriam tripping and losing control of a handful of books and papers she is carrying, demonstrating the endearing nature that has made many fans fall in love with her. The card also features a gorgeous pastel palette and a comic book-like halftone shadow work that adds to the feel of playfulness the card emanates and distinguishes it as one of the Pokemon TCG's most valuable cards for the Scarlet and Violet set.

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