One talented Pokemon fan has created Magneton using security cameras and magnets, giving it a makeover that many people have praised for its creepy appearance. Recently, Pokemon fans have been expressing their creativity by making unique models, with some even merging the Pokemon franchise with others. As an example, an artist created a unique drawing of Vaporeon in the style of the Monster Hunter franchise, and the result impressed many fans.

Magneton was a pure Electric-type Pokemon when it was introduced in the first generation of the mainline Pokemon games. However, Steel was also added during the second generation which made Magneton more powerful. Magneton emits a strong magnetic force that is fatal to mechanical devices and creates strange radio signals that raise the temperature. Also known as Magnet Pokemon, Magneton has a third evolution that was brought in the fourth generation of the mainline games.

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A creative Pokemon fan by the name of CurvedPetal has imagined how Magneton would look if it was composed of security cameras, ironballs, and magnets. The Pokemon community has taken notice of their work once they have posted it on Reddit as Magneton looks creepier than its original version, making some people in the comments feel uneasy. CurvedPetal said that they were thinking of making a background to give the impression that Magneton is a security guard roaming a city.

Some people in the comments have suggested CurvedPetal make this version of Magneton in real life. They have praised the artist for giving Magneton a unique makeover reminiscent of monsters from horror movies. The talented fan also noted they didn't go for the full alien vibe, which is why Magneton looks like a machine from the future of humanity.

This is not the first time talented Pokemon fans have amassed plenty of attention for their work, as an artist by the name of TheRevivalProd has created an animated clip showing their take on Magnemite's evolution into Magneton. In the clip, three living magnetic robots merge into one body and become a single individual. It serves as an explanation of their evolution into the fan-favorite Pokemon.

Magneton appears as a Paradox-type in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and despite being less powerful than Terastal versions, it is considered essential for Pokedex completionists. In later games of the franchise, players can also evolve Magneton into the powerful Electric/Steel type Magnezone. Apart from the Pokémon anime series, Magneton has been featured on 31 different cards in Pokemon TCG.

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