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Blaise Santi is a recent graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts majoring in Dramatic Writing. He's had experience writing not only for screen and stage, but also for sketch and late-night. His hobbies have included video games, movies, TV, and comic books ever since childhood. Blaise currently lives in New York City.

Zero Suit Samus in NES Metroid; Olimar in Pikmin 3; Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow 1
10 Surprising Influences For Classic Nintendo Games

While fans of classic Nintendo games know a lot about the franchises, they might be surprised to know what influenced their creation.

Revali flying in the sky; The Great Deku Tree; Impa standing guard 1
10 Unsolved Mysteries In The Legend Of Zelda Franchise

These mysteries from the Zelda franchise remain unanswered to this day.

Taylor Swift filming a Band Hero commercial; Robin Williams with a beard; Beyonce playing DS 1
10 Best Celebrity Promotions For Video Games

These are some of the best video game commercials promoted by celebrities in different spaces.

Octoling in Splatoon 3; Glass Joe in a turtleneck; Impa in Age of Calamity 1
Super Smash Bros: 10 Potential Echo Fighters For Future Games

These characters would make great potential Echo Fighters in future Super Smash Bros games.

Zelda holding a broken Master Sword; Link holding a broken Master Sword 1
Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom – 6 Strong Weapons That Break Very Quickly

The following weapons in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are very useful, though only for a limited time!

Dark Pit in Smash Bros; Dark Link in Ocarina of Time; Cosmic Luigi in Mario Galaxy 1
8 Nintendo Characters With Evil Clones

Several Nintendo characters have had evil clones over the years who have vexed their respective heroes to no end.

Cyclizar in battle; Palafin in Hero Form; Ting-Lu near its cave 1
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: 8 Moves That Are Dominating The Competitive Meta

The following moves from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are great for the competitive scene.

Infinite levitating; Sonic running and smiling; Sonic running from a truck 1
10 Best Songs In The Sonic Franchise, Ranked

Every Sonic fan has their favorite tune from Sega's legendary franchise. These tend to be the top contenders.

The Wii Fit Trainer; GlaDOS; Snake with a mustache and eyepatch 1
10 Iconic Video Game Franchises That Will Probably Never Get Another Installment

Unfortunately, not all franchises get more than one or two installments, like these popular franchises that most likely won't get another game.

A concerned Zelda in BOTW; Link in casual clothes in Skyward Sword; Ganondorf restrained in Twilight Princess 1
8 The Legend Of Zelda Games That Could Inspire An Animated Movie

The Legend of Zelda franchise holds tremendous potential for an animated movie. These games could serve as its prime inspiration.

Ganondorf in Ocarina; Link in Tears of the Kingdom; Zelda in Twilight Princess 1
The Legend Of Zelda: 10 Characters Who Have Appeared In The Most Games

The Legend of Zelda franchise has spanned over several years, but there are some characters that have appeared in several games

Zelda running; Captain Falcon saluting; Kirby riding a Warp Star 1
10 Nintendo Characters Who Could Join The Race In Mario Kart

With Mario Kart 8 receiving new playable characters in the expansions, players are curious on what other characters could make it on the roster.

Lucas in Smash Bros; Captain Falcon in Smash Bros; Palutena in Smash Bros 1
10 Nintendo Franchises Who Are Long Overdue For A New Game

These Nintendo franchises, many of them still beloved by fans, are long overdue for a new game.

Min-Min kicking; Henry Fleming attacking; Jill smiling 1
10 Nintendo Games That Could've Inspired Franchises

These oft-forgotten Nintendo games could have spawned franchises under different circumstances.

Rayman running; a giant music note smiling; Squidward rolling his eyes 1
8 Best Music Themed Levels In Video Games

Many video games incorporate music-themed levels in their gameplay. These are some of the more creative examples.

Yoshi in Smash Bros; Rosalina holding Luma; a scared E. Gadd 1
10 Characters Who Could Show Up In The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 (And Who Should Play Them)

With a follow-up Mario movie all but guaranteed, here's who fans most want to see.

Sheik in the Melee intro; Wario in a money pile; Paper Mario with a hammer 1
8 GameCube Games That Nintendo Should Port To The Switch

These classic GameCube games would find a welcome audience if Nintendo decided to port them to the Switch.

Cloud Mario; Metal Mario in Odyssey; Cat Mario in the Mario Movie 1
Mario: 10 Best Power-Ups That Only Appeared Once

The Super Mario Bros franchise has several power-ups to help players get through levels, but there are some great power-ups that only appeared once

Raphael swinging; Donatello with a red headband 1
6 Best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Comics

TMNT fans can't miss these great stories from the comics.

Conker wearing a crown drinking alcohol; Silver the Hedgehog holding his fist 1
6 3D Platform Games With Darker Themes

Fans often have fond memories of 3D platformers when they became popular, but some might not remember that there were some dark themes to them

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