The Pokemon Company has just revealed the latest additions to its Pokemon x Squishmallows merchandise range, this time adding a winking Pikachu and Gen 4 Water starter Piplup into the lineup. Fans of these specific pocket creatures who are looking to add more Pokemon plush toys to their personal collections will probably be very excited about the launch of the new Squishmallows.

There has been a lot of online news about the Pokemon Squishmallow collection since it was revealed in 2022. The first two to grace the lineup were 1st generation pocket creatures Pikachu and Gengar. Later in the year, two more were added into the mix, namely Snorlax and Togepi. Pokemon fans seem to love these plush toys, making them sell out almost everywhere. Even with a re-release, fans will likely have a hard time finding the Squishmallows online or in retail stores. However, now that new Pokemon are being added into the lineup, there is a possibility that the franchise will restock the others as well.

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On the official Squishmallows Twitter account, it was revealed that Piplup and a winking Pikachu will be added into the brand collaboration with Pokemon. This news is amplified by the image shared in the post which showcases the entire collection of Pokemon Squishmallows, including the new ones that were just announced. In the far right of the photo, fans will likely be excited to see the Piplup and winking Pikachu Squishmallows right next to the regular Pikachu, Gengar, Snorlax, and Togepi variants.

Given the positive reaction on the Twitter thread, it seems that many fans are looking forward to the release of the new Pokemon Squishmallows. Many seem excited by the choice of pocket creatures to be included in the range. This is the first time that the lineup is featuring a starter Pokemon and fans of the Water-type are probably very happy to see Piplup be added into the collection. And for those who prefer a cuter Pikachu, the winking version of the Pokemon is likely a good choice for those who love the Electric-type.

Unfortunately, both The Pokemon Company and Squishmallows have yet to share the exact release dates of the new Pokemon plush toys. Hopefully the Pokemon Squishmallows will be released soon, and that more stock of the previous models will also be added to the shelves. Fans who are looking to purchase these high-demand plushies should probably religiously follow both brands' official channels to know when they will finally be released in the market.

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