Misty has been a staple of the Pokemon franchise since her debut in Pokemon Red & Blue way back in 1998, whether it is as the second gym leader the player faces in Cerulean City or as Ash's friend and traveling partner in the first two seasons of the anime.

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Misty is a water-type trainer and is one of the best, but just like Ash, she doesn't evolve all her Pokemon. So, this begs the question, how strong will her team be if she did choose to evolve all of her Pokemon? Misty has had just 12 different Pokemon in her journey, so honorable mentions to Staryu and her Luvdisc named Caserin.

10 Corsola

Misty's Corsola In The Anime

Corsola is a fairly useful Pokemon, a water/rock type with move recover which is great as it is a 4x weakness to grass to deal with. But unlike its Galarian form, the regular Corsola that Misty has is unable to evolve, so the Cerulean leader is stuck with this Corsola.

Its starts aren't great, but its rock typing will offer Misty some great coverage against flying, ice and bug types which water moves will just regularly affect.

9 Seaking

Seaking In The Anime

This is not the Seaking that Misty won the Seaking Catching Competition with, but it is her Goldeen which is evolved. Goldeen was one of Misty's main Pokemon throughout the early episodes of the anime. Despite the recurring joke that it was completely useless on land.

Evolving Goldeen will obviously improve its stats and offer more offense for Misty, gym leaders need to have the strongest Pokemon at their disposal. There is no question that Misty's team will have been stronger if she evolved to have Seaking, perhaps it may have evolved to be better on land and not just flop about. But fans will never know.

8 Azumarill

Azumarill In The Pokemon Anime

As of the 6th generation of Pokemon, Azumarill became part fairy-type which will be so handy for Misty in improving her type coverage. Secondary typing is great for monotype trainers as they need all the different types they can get.

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Misty has an Azurill, the pre-evolved form of Marill, which is the pre-evolved form of Azumarill, Misty has kept this Pokemon in its baby form which won't make for a great battler. Azumarill is a fantastic Pokemon competitively and the redhead should be taking full advantage of this.

7 Politoed

Misty And Politoed In The Pokemon Anime

One Pokemon that Misty did evolve in her journey with Ash was the fun-loving, cheery Pokemon, Politoed. Originally obtained as a Poliwag, it evolved into Poliwhirl and then into its final form.

Since then, as revealed in Pokemon Journeys: The Series it has become one of Misty's main Pokemon and is now the guardian deity of Cerulean City. Politoed has an ace moveset, Focus Blast, Hydro Pump, Mega Punch and Bounce, it will certainly take some stopping.

6 Starmie

Misty's Starmie In The Anime

Misty could have two Starmies in her team if she evolved her Staryu as well, but for the sake of this list let's just count one. Starmie is her main Pokemon in the games, and it has regularly caused those trainers who picked Charmander many problems.

Starmie is a solid 'mon with Rapid Spin, Hypnosis, Camouflage and Water Pulse to make a very annoying moveset. However, Misty's Starmie appears to only use Water Gun and Tackle, to make it one of the best in her team she must improve its moves.

5 Golduck

Golduck In The Pokemon Anime

Misty's Psyduck is perhaps her most iconic Pokemon in the anime, it has become somewhat of a meme for its always perplexed nature, constant headaches and the fact that is a water-type Pokemon that is scared of water.

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Maybe Misty should evolve her Psyduck into a Golduck to get over this fear, it will certainly cure its headaches as Golduck have more control of their psychic abilities. Golduck is a fantastic Pokemon to use competitively with a great special attack, Misty could decimate the opposition with a powerful Psychic attack. But for now, she is stuck with her comical Psyduck.

4 Togekiss

Togekiss In The Pokemon Anime

The only non-water-type Pokemon that Misty owned was her Togepi, she was always seen carrying the baby Pokemon in her arms. But in the Ruby & Sapphire series, it evolved into a Togetic to help some Togepi in danger, and she eventually released it to protect the Togepi of the area.

But if Misty kept hold of Togetic and evolved it into a Togekiss it would have been a vital member of her team, not only the fact it was her only non-water-type Pokemon but also as a great battler. With powerful STAB flying and fairy moves to take care of those grass types that will otherwise be a problem.

3 Clawitzer

Clawitzer In The Pokemon Anime

The newest member of Misty's team, Clauncher was captured recently in Pokemon Journeys: The Series. Misty can be let off for not evolving this one as she hasn't really had enough time to do so, unlike all of her other Pokemon.

With 120 special attack, this Pokemon will be a powerful weapon for Misty, extinguishing fire and rock types with its powerful Crabhammer move. Clawitzer will be a great Pokemon for Misty, fans will have to wait to see if she decides to evolve her Clauncher if Misty ever shows up again in the anime.

2 Kingdra

Kingdra In The Pokemon Anime

Misty has had Horsea ever since the original series, it was useful as a getaway Pokemon using its Smokescreen as a cover for Misty, Ash and Brock. But lying dormant was one of the best water-type Pokemon in all the series, the powerful water/dragon type Kingdra.

It is a crying shame that Misty kept this one as a Horsea as she missed out on Kingdra, Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Rain Dance and Dragon Pulse as the ideal moveset for Kingdra. A mixed attacker with fantastic all-around stats, Misty literally had a sleeping dragon in her team all of this time. She never even evolved it into a Seadra.

1 Gyarados

Misty's Gyarados In The Pokemon Anime

Without a doubt, Gyarados is Misty's strongest Pokemon, it made its debut in the spinoff series, Pokemon Chronicles as an out-of-control Pokemon which eventually came around to Misty.

Since then, it has been Misty's ace, and they developed a strong enough bond to mega-evolve and become even more powerful. It just goes to show what Misty can do if she evolves her Pokemon and captures the strongest of her favored type. Misty has even given Gyarados amazing moves, Hydro Pump, Rain Dance, Hurricane and Crunch make up a well-balanced moveset, Hurricane is STAB when in its regular form and Crunch STAB is when it gains dark-type when mega evolved. Gyarados is Misty at her best.

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