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Why Did Disney Not Renew Its Contract With Studio Ghibli?

While Disney and Studio Ghibli had a great partnership, it ultimately came to an unexpected end. What happened?

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8 Anime Movies With The Best Soundtracks

Music is an integral part of creating a magical film, and these anime movies show just how important it can be.

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The History Behind these Rarely Seen Studio Ghibli Dubs

Were you aware that there were several pre-Disney Studio Ghibli dubs produced? Why were they made and why aren't Americans more aware of them?

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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom May Take Inspiration from a Specific Studio Ghibli World

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom shares similarities with the art of Studio Ghibli, and one particular film may influence the game.

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The "Bizarrchitecture" Trope in Horror, Explained

Sometimes a structure that looks man-made refuses to follow the rules that seem to govern every other type of place.

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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom's Biggest Anime Influence May No Longer be Studio Ghibli

Breath of the Wild shared themes with Princess Mononoke, but Nintendo may have another influence for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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The Makoto Shinkai Masterpiece You (Probably) Never Heard of

Makoto Shinkai has put out plenty of beloved anime films, but this one has gone under the radar.

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The Best Anime Movies On HBO Max (April 2023)

HBO Max has tons of great anime movies in its catalogue. These are the best ones you can stream on the platform.

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Suzume: 10 Best Anime Movies To Watch If You Love The Film

For fans of Suzume that want to see more like it, check out these great recommendations

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6 Unsettling Body Horror Scenes In Studio Ghibli Movies, Ranked

Most Studio Ghibli movies are family-friendly affairs. However, even in the cutest adventures, some pieces of horrific content can traumatize viewers.

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Stardew, Pokemon Fans Should Keep an Eye on Moonstone Island

Fans of cozy farming games like Stardew Valley and fans of creature-collecting games like Pokemon will love upcoming game Moonstone Island.

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Elden Ring Fan Turns The Game Into a Studio Ghibli Project

A fan of Elden Ring and talented artist reimagines scenes and characters from the game in a deep and textured Studio Ghibli style.

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The Gaslamp Fantasy Subgenre, Explained

Most fantasy is set in a magical medieval period or a mystical modern day, but some fairy tales take place somewhere in the middle.

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6 Best Anime Movies Not Set In Japan

Anime movies are generally Japanese-based, but between futuristic worlds and the occasional European setting, some anime movies are not set in Japan.

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7 Movie Spin Offs Better Than The Originals

Movie spin-offs usually don't manage to exceed the originals, but in this world of franchises sometimes there are excellent spin-offs that manage it.

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The Cat Returns: Ghibli's Wholesome Underrated Gem

While it might not rank among the top films of the studio, The Cat Returns is a simple delight befitting Ghibli's glowing reputation.

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6 Released & Upcoming Games Inspired By Studio Ghibli Films

It's hard to miss the inspiration from Studio Ghibli films present in these games.

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What It's Like To Watch Kiki's Delivery Service As An Adult

Kiki's Delivery Service is an anime movie with deep and thoughtful messages related to maturity. But how it feels to watch it after becoming an adult?

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Minecraft Player Creates Incredible Building Based on Spirited Away

A dedicated Minecraft player manages to create an incredibly detailed building based on Studio Ghibli's hit animated feature Spirited Away.

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Studio Ghibli's Feminist Masterpiece

Plenty of Ghibli's films are considered classics, but Kiki’s Delivery Service has an especially powerful feminist message.