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Millennium Actress anime 1
Why Did DreamWorks Animation Try to Bury this Acclaimed Satoshi Kon Film?

In the early 2000s, Dreamworks acquired the rights to Millennium Actress. Then, they proceeded to bury it. Why was that?

Puss in Boots superimposed on a screenshot from Elden Ring 1
Amazing Elden Ring Edit Adds Puss in Boots to the Lands Between

A creative gamer makes an entertaining video edit that places Antonio Banderas’ Puss in Boots inside the deadly world of Elden Ring’s Lands Between.

 Tropic Thunder Ben Stiller Robert Downey Jr. wearing blackface as Kirk Lazarus 1
Ben Stiller Won't Apologize For Tropic Thunder, Still 'Proud' Of Controversial Film

Ben Stiller makes no apologies regarding Tropic Thunder, as he's still happy for pointing out Hollywood hypocrisy in the 2008 action comedy.

Indiana Jones Image 1
7 Movies To Watch If You Love Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is an incredible franchise like no other, but fans of the movies may wish for other adventure films they can watch as well.

How To Train Your Dragon Live-Action Universal 1
How To Train Your Dragon Live-Action Movie In Development At Universal

How To Train Your Dragon is the latest animated property to get a live-action adaptation, and the animated trilogy's director is involved.

Puss-in-Boots-Villains 1
Puss in Boots: The Last Wish Has Some of the Best Animated Villains in Years

The new Shrek spin-off has taken the internet by storm, thanks in no small part to its incredible rogues' gallery of villains.

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish poster cropped 1
Puss In Boots: The Last Wish Box Office Reaches $300M As Oscar Nomination Rolls In

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish became one of the most successful animated movies since the pandemic, with an Oscars nod to show for it.

Puss in Boots and Kitty Softpaws surprised in The Last Wish 1
Puss In Boots: The Last Wish Deserves So Much More Attention

As one of 2022's best animated movies, a tame box office should not deter viewers from giving Puss In Boots: The Last Wish a chance.

Posters For Three Comedy Movies From 2022 1
7 Best Comedy Movies Of 2022

The comedy genre was in good health through 2022, with a wide variety of styles used to try and make audiences laugh in the past year.

Shrek Concept Art vs Final Film 1
Shrek Concept Artist Explains Why Lost, Gritty Version Never Made It To Theaters

Shrek concept artist Ruben Hickman discussed the changes the film went through in the concept art stage and why they were made at all.

DreamWorks Animation Shrek 1
DreamWorks Animation Unveils New Logo With Shrek And More Classic Characters

DreamWorks Animation released a new logo in which the Boy in the Moon rides through its franchises, from Shrek to How to Train Your Dragon.

maui-hiccup-animated-weapons Cropped 1
5 Unique Weapons In Animated Movies

Animated films typically need solutions other than violence, which leads to some truly spectacular armaments.

dreamworks dragons chris whiter composer interview november 2022 1
DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of the Nine Realms Interview - Composer Chris Whiter on Live Orchestra, Licensed Games Experiences

Composer Chris Whiter speaks with Game Rant about his experience leading a live orchestra on DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of the Nine Realms.

dreamworks dragons chris whiter composer interview november 2022 1
Legends of the Nine Realms: Chris Whiter Talks 'Daunting' Task of Composing for Brands like How to Train Your Dragon

Chris Whiter composes on licensed games, and talks to Game Rant about following John Powell for DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of the Nine Realms.

dreamworks dragons chris whiter composer interview november 2022 1
DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of the Nine Realms Composer Feels Kids Games Don't Need 'Oversimplified' Music

Game Rant talks to composer Chris Whiter about DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of the Nine Realms and writing for younger age demographics.

hiccup-hiro-smart-animated-hero Cropped 1
5 Smartest Heroes In Animated Movies

Some cartoon heroes beat the bad guy through their fighting skills, but others have to rely on their superior wit to win the day.

syndrome-megamind-smart-animated-villain Cropped 1
5 Smartest Villains In Animated Movies

The antagonist needs a good master plan and the fact that these villains' worlds are animated doesn't make them any less evil or any less genius.

Best-Celebrity-voice-actors 1
5 Celebrity Voice Performances In Animated Movies That Were Actually Good

Hearing Hollywood stars in animated movies often feels like cheap stunt casting, but there are a few cases where it worked perfectly.

5-Movie-Redemption-Arcs 1
5 Unforgettable Movie Redemption Arcs

The only thing people love more than a great villain is a great villain who turns good. Here are five truly iconic movie redemption arcs.

kung fu panda 2 Cropped 1
Will Kung Fu Panda Ever Recapture The Glory Of The First Film?

The first Kung Fu Panda is a solid martial arts movie as well as a Jack Black comedy, but the sequels and spin-offs haven't struck the right balance.