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In the second episode of the third season of Demon Slayer, viewers see a new young swordsmith refuse Muichiro’s request for a key. While we as an audience were not sure what this key was going to be used for or why Muichiro would deny the young swordsmith’s use of it, we DID see that the young man was the person Tanjiro saw in his dreams while he was in a coma.

With more than one mystery needing to be solved, fans can only watch in anticipation of the answers to the previous episode’s cliffhanger to get answered. With that said, here's a closer look at what went down.

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The Argument Over a Key

Demon Slayer: Season 3, Episode 2

Though curious about what is going on in front of him, Tanjiro hides behind a tree as he watches the two men have a verbal exchange. Not only has Muichiro denied the young swordsmith the mysterious key he wants but is also refusing to show him how to use it. This results in the two coming at each other, forcing Tanjiro to step in and demand Muichiro cease his use of brute force. This confrontation does little to sway Muichiro to let go of the young swordsmith, accusing Tanjiro of being weak (he also publicly wonders how such a weak person was accepted into the Demon Slayer Corps in the first place). Tanjiro decides to answer that question by managing to pull the young swordsmith from Muichiro’s hold, surprising him in the process.

Despite Tanjiro’s best efforts, the situation escalates to the point where he is knocked out. When Tanjiro comes to, he is informed by the swordsmith that Muichiro is nowhere around, as he gave him the key that was being demanded to fend him away. Though the interjection didn’t help solve the situation, the swordsmith is grateful that someone tried to help him. There is a problem though: Muichiro wanted the key to activate a battle doll known as the Yoriichi Type Zero, a weapon that has six arms and is capable of (a strangely specific) 108 movements and can easily overpower any human. What’s worse is that the doll has already been activated by Muichiro, and soon Tanjiro will be facing it down!

Classic Demon Slayer Battles Rule the Day

Demon Slayer: Season 3, Episode 2

Unlike the previous episode in which the whole hour was spent setting up the new arc, this episode spends only a little bit of time in with exposition before giving fans of the series what they really want to see: breathtaking action sequences. And while it will always be up for debate which battle sequences qualify as “the best” in this series, fans should be more than satisfied with the team-up battle of Tanjiro and the swordsmith verse Yoriichi Type Zero, the doll with six arms. The sequence is fast-paced, requires lots of on-the-spot improvisation.

Like many battles, the animation is smooth, and eye-catching, and creates the sort of adrenalin rush that only Demon Slayer can provide. While this battle doesn’t exactly lead to a cliffhanger ending, it injects some excitement into the season while still building toward the future. In fact, it is during this battle that Tanjiro learns that Muzan is not as defeated as he originally believed him to be. What’s more, as audiences are aware from the previous episode, Muzan is not only still around but focusing his efforts on regrouping and planning a counterattack on the Demon Slayer Corps. While this news disappoints Tanjiro, he reinforces his decision to keep fighting the good fight.

He reiterates that his number one priority is finding a cure for his sister Nezuko, and he is more committed than before to taking down Muzan and the Twelve Kizuki. And after the battle that just took place, it appears he might just have a new ally to help him (we’re keeping the identity hidden for the time being to avoid spoiling some surprises for viewers reading this who have not yet watched the episode). Though the previous episode may have been a bit slower than most Demon Slayer fans are used to, with this episode everything we love about the series is back in full force.

There are surprising revelations, a strong buildup to a future conflict, and (most important) an epic battle sequence that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The fact that they pulled this off with one of the smallest number of characters since the show began several years ago. If nothing else, fans should view this season as a ‘soft reboot,’ in which the series has been moving so fast for so long, that everyone’s pausing to remind us why everyone is doing here while also providing the action sequences that caught everyone by surprise so long ago. We’ll have to see what new surprises are in store, but it’s safe to say Demon Slayer has already re-found its footing!

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