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best sites to watch anime online featured image 1
15 Best Sites To Watch Anime Online (& What You Can Watch)

Watching anime on these legal sites comes with certain perks that guarantee fans satisfaction when streaming their favorite shows.

Interviews with Monster Girls, Monster Musume, & Miss Kobyashi's Dragon Maid 1
The Best Monster Girl Anime Of All Time

Here are the best monster girl anime of all time and where you can stream them.

Case Closed The Fist of Blue Sapphire, cover 1
The Failed Attempt to Adapt Case Closed for a Family Audience

In 2000 Fox Kids decided to make an attempt to bring Case Closed to the block. There were problems though, that would bring those plans to a halt.

best anime shows funimation featured image 1
Best Anime On Funimation (February 2023)

Funimation has horror, drama, slice of life, romance, shojo, and every other genre, but what are the streaming service's best anime?

best anime comedy funimation featured image 1
Best Comedy Anime Series On Funimation (February 2023)

Funimation subscribers have plenty of comedy anime to pick from, and these are the most hilarious shows on the streaming service.

funimation anime streaming service 1
The Failed Attempt by Former Funimation Employees to Create a New Company

In 2006, several Funimation employees left to form a competing company. A year later, they went bankrupt. What happened?

Unreliable Narrator Feature - Yuuichi, Yuki, Kyon 1
7 Anime With Unreliable Narrators

A narrator's job is to tell a story. However, not all narrators are reliable. Here are 7 anime with unreliable narrators.

Best Shonen Anime Series On Funimation (February 2022) featured image 1
Best Shonen Anime Series On Funimation (December 2022)

Funimation is the place to go for anime, and these are the best shonen series on the streaming service.

funimation dbz banner 1
What Was Funimation’s First Serious Attempt at Anime (That Wasn’t Dragon Ball Z)

While Dragon Ball Z may have put Funimation on the map, their first serious attempt at anime would come with this science fiction series.

one piece money 1
The 10 Most Expensive Anime Series To Own (& How Much They Cost)

While anime may be more affordable than ever, these DVDs of your favorite shows may empty your bank account.

Anime Best Female Cast  1
10 Anime With The Best Female Cast

Discover which series exemplify girl power in the most thought-provoking ways by empowering their women with enough substance to steal the spotlight.

One Piece Film Red Everything You Need To Know 1
How Anime at the Box Office is Helping Adult Animation

With multiple anime films premiering at the number one spot at the box office, the myth that adults won’t watch animation is being proven false.

Featured Mob 1
Mob Psycho 100: Every Main Character's Perfect Pokemon Partner

The world of Pokemon seems like a world in which many characters from the Mob Psycho 100 anime would thrive, but which Pokemon would they choose?

How Dragon Ball Almost Sunk the Biggest Anime Company in America 1
How Dragon Ball Almost Sunk the Biggest Anime Company in America

Funimation became one of the biggest anime companies in the world thanks to Dragon Ball Z. However, Dragon Ball almost destroyed them first.

Gundam Build fighters mobile suit gundam the origin  1
Gundam: Every Series And Where To Watch Them

With so many Gundam series available to fans, it can be hard to find where to watch them. Here is a compiled list of where to watch every series.

Attack on Titan 2 Cover 1
It's Time for an Attack on Titan 2 Sequel

Attack on Titan 2, the last game in the series, released back in 2018, and it's about time that a sequel was released to wrap up the series' story.

Crunchyroll & Right Stuf 1
What Changes Now that Right Stuf Has Been Purchased by Crunchyroll?

Crunchyrollrecently acquired anime retail store Right Stuf International. What can anime fans expect going forward?

Creative Anime Shirobako, Blue Period, Whisper of the Heart 1
10 Anime To Get The Creative Juices Flowing

Discover which anime provide stimulating content that will bring out the viewer's artistic side, ranging from music, art, sewing, writing, and more.

SAC_2045_Netflix Original 1
How Streaming Companies Have Made Anime Better Than Ever

In the past few years, anime has soared to a new height in popularity and the platform that fans are viewing it in plays a large role in that.

Anime and Mental Health Awareness Orange, Komi Can't Communicate, Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop, School-Live! 1
9 Anime That Promote Mental Health Awareness

Discover which Anime cast a positive light on mental health awareness, providing beneficial coping mechanisms in the process.