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Andrea became a gamer for life at 7, thanks to a Pokemon Red cartridge and her Game Boy. She knew she wanted to be a writer back when she got a floppy disk and wrote "My Book" on it. Her Italian lineage makes her a big pizza fan. She loves games featuring deep lore, sci-fi elements, and strategic thinking. When she is not writing or editing, she's often found playing Destiny 2 and Pokemon games. Andrea has a BA degree in Cognitive Psychology from UNISOB and an MA degree in Copywriting and Advertising from IULM.

destiny 2 the navigator exotic trace rifle strand woven mail sever 1
Destiny 2's Navigator Exotic is Broken in a Good Way

Destiny 2 introduced a new Exotic trace rifle in the form of Ghosts of the Deep's The Navigator, and it's already a mainstay in many builds.

destiny 2 season of the deep leaks cutscene witness origins gardener winnower traveler veil light darkness 1
Destiny 2's Recent Leaks Retcon Massive Lore Bits Ahead Of The Final Shape

New Destiny 2 leaks regarding Season of the Deep's story appear to be retconning the overarching Light and Darkness saga's lore.

destiny 2 season of the deep 21 new exotic armor warlock cenotaph mask trace rifle ammo 1
One New Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Exotic is About to Make or Break The Endgame Meta

Destiny 2 just added a powerful Exotic in Season of the Deep, and it's likely it will have a major impact on endgame content and how it is played.

destiny 2 final shape expansion cayde-6 return players happy witness light darkness 1
Destiny 2 The Final Shape is Crossing an Item Off Players' Wish List Already

Destiny 2 players are getting loads of new content, and the upcoming release of The Final Shape expansion the game will grant one of their wishes.

neva gris nomada studio indie game adventure platformer loss story legacy 1
Neva Carries Gris' Legacy On, And That's For the Best

The PlayStation Showcase came with a trailer for the new indie platformer Neva, which seemingly shares similarities with its predecessor, Gris.

destiny 2 lightfall the final shape cayde-6 trailer leaks witness 1
Destiny 2's Final Shape Teaser Trailer Confirms Massive Leaks

Destiny 2 just got a teaser trailer about The Final Shape expansion that indirectly confirms that major leaks from before Lightfall could be correct.

diablo 4 sixth class season addition paladin crusader amazon monk 1
What Diablo 4's Sixth Class Could Be

Diablo 4's live-service model and Blizzard's precedents with Diablo 3 make a sixth class very likely for the upcoming action RPG.

destiny 2 season of the deep 21 playstation sony bungie crossover ghost of tsushima jin horizon forbidden west aloy kratos god of war 1
How Destiny 2's Season of the Deep Acknowledges Sony's Bungie Acquisition

Destiny 2's upcoming Season of the Deep is set to start a new leg of Bungie's journey as a subsidiary of Sony and its collaboration with PlayStation.

hogwarts legacy harry potter sirona ryan transgender representation rowling controversy 1
Hogwarts Legacy Should Have Worn Transgender Representation on Its Sleeve

Hogwarts Legacy's many controversies weren't helped by the lack of media exposure for its trans representation, and this had rippling effects.

Ghost Of Tsushima Jin Sakai Pokeball 1
Pokemon Gen 10 Should Take One Feature From Ghost of Tsushima

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's successor is in a prime position to revamp a series-long feature by drawing inspiration from Ghost of Tsushima.

Diablo 4 Character Tier List 1
Diablo 4 Launch Class Tier List

Diablo 4 is soon launching worldwide, and its classes have strengths and weaknesses that make some better than others for a new playthrough.

destiny 2 matter bungie mobile game live service sony acquisition may 24 playstation showcase 1
Why Destiny 2 Fans Should be Looking Forward to May 24

May 24 is looking to be a big date for gamers worldwide, and Destiny 2 players might not want to miss all the exciting things it may bring.

diablo 4 class barbarian druid hurricane skill meme great damage utility good 1
How One Diablo 4 Skill Can Go From Meme to Great

Diablo 4 has a vast array of skills for players to pick, both active and passive, and one of them can rise from meme status to very powerful.

diablo 4 destiny 2 quality life features reticle changes fusion rifles hud 1
After 6 Years, Destiny 2 is Doing Something Diablo 4 Should Do at Launch

Destiny 2 is set to make a lot of changes to the game with Season of the Deep, and one of them should inspire Blizzard to follow suit with Diablo 4.

diablo 4 launch features quality of life missing map overlay resource pool character model 1
Diablo 4 is Shooting Itself in the Foot By Not Having Two Big Quality-of-Life Features on Launch

Diablo 4 ended up becoming a hot topic in gaming for live-service games and its approach to betas, but it is missing two big features on release.

diablo 4 necromancer summons skeletons minions 1
Diablo 4's Necromancer Shouldn't Keep its Skeletons in the Closet on Launch

Diablo 4's recent Server Slam beta made changes to the Necromancer's minions, and they could be one of the key features to look out for on launch.

diablo 4 classes sorcerer nerf server slam beta build 1
Diablo 4's Server Slam Beta Sorcerer Nerfs Hit The Wrong Suspect

Diablo 4's recent Server Slam beta came with many changes to the classes, and the nerfs to the Sorcerer were aimed at the wrong skill.

pokemon scarlet violet unwritten rules shiny hunting sandwich greninja tera raid 1
The Unwritten Rules of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet allowing players to connect in new ways paved the way for many of Gen 9's new unwritten rules.

destiny 2 glimmer in-game economy season deep deepsight harmonizer 1
One Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Feature is a Controversy Waiting to Happen

Bungie is soon launching Season of the Deep for Destiny 2, and one of the many changes coming with it might prove controversial very soon.

diablo 4 destiny 2 launch seasons live service model content drought 1
Diablo 4 is Smart Not to Repeat Destiny 2's Blunder at Launch

Diablo 4 is seemingly set on the path to success right off the bat, and it avoiding one of the biggest issues with Destiny 2 at launch is wise.

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