On Twitter, Stardew Valley creator and developer Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone gave players an idea of what the next content update for the game will focus on. The news came just a couple of months after Stardew Valley celebrated its seventh anniversary, which was observed by both ConcernedApe and players alike.

Though Stardew Valley is over seven years into its lifespan, that has not stopped players from enjoying the game in both solo and multiplayer sessions. In the previous major update to Stardew Valley, version 1.5, a slew of new features such as a beach farm, local split-screen co-op play, and new characters, events, and items to discover were added to the game at no added cost. While version 1.5 remains the largest update to Stardew Valley at the time of writing, it was released two years ago, with smaller updates scattered throughout.

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Even though Stardew Valley version 1.6 is still planned for a future release, ConcernedApe took to Twitter to assure fans that he is personally working on it. ConcernedApe also stated that version 1.6 would be smaller compared to version 1.5, and would focus more on making Stardew Valley mods easier to implement as well as make them more powerful in what they can accomplish. With mods being added and updated consistently, Stardew Valley version 1.6 looks to make things better for both modders and average players alike. ConcernedApe said that Stardew Valley version 1.6 would have new content, but did not give additional details. It remains to be seen what the new content in Stardew Valley's next update will be.

However, ConcernedApe stated that he would be taking a break from developing Haunted Chocolatier, his next video game project, in order to give Stardew Valley version 1.6 appropriate development time. He then added that after the next Stardew Valley update is released, he would return to Haunted Chocolatier development. No timetable was given for when Stardew Valley version 1.6 would release on PC and other platforms. However, given the fact that ConcernedApe is shifting his work focus from Haunted Chocolatier to Stardew Valley once again, players can expect more updates from ConcernedApe about version 1.6 in the near future.

With gamers putting in hours and days of playtime into Stardew Valley and continued support from ConcernedApe and the modding community, the game is showing no signs of slowing down. Whenever the update is ready, players should expect Stardew Valley version 1.6 to roll out on PC first before heading to other platforms shortly after.

Stardew Valley is available now for Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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