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Professor Layton and the New World of Steam first teaser trailer artwork 1
New Professor Layton Game Reveals Updated Look for Luke

Japanese dev Level 5 reveals Luke's updated look in a three-minute teaser trailer for Professor Layton and The New World of Steam.

Suffer-The-Night-Mr-Tops 1
Creepy New Horror Game is a Dungeon Crawler Inspired by 80s Slasher Movies

A new horror game provides nostalgia to horror fans who reminisce about 80s slasher movies and text-based adventure games.

Final Fantasy 16 Sleipnir hero fight 1
Final Fantasy 16 Made an Unexpected Engine Choice

Ahead of Final Fantasy 16's global release, Square Enix reveals its team made an unexpected engine choice early on in the game's development.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 4 1
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi is Making a Comeback

After nearly over a decade since the last entry, Bandai Namco reveals a brand-new entry in the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi series.

Everdream-Valley-Cover-Art-Farm-Grandparents-Animals 1
Newly Announced Game Has Serious Stardew Valley Vibes

A new farming sim is releasing soon, and watching the trailer for it will likely remind plenty of fans of Stardew Valley.

kickstarter logo 1
Open World Kickstarter Game Exceeds Funding Goal By Over 1,000%

A recently-funded open world game smashes its funding goal on Kickstarter by over 1,000% in one of the site's biggest success stories.

The Golden Girls Persona Fangame 1
Golden Girls Fan Game Takes Inspiration from Persona

The Golden Girls Take Manhattan DX is a fan game based on the classic TV sitcom, taking inspiration from Atlus' hit Persona series.

dead space lullaby trailer 1
Iconic Dead Space Lullaby Trailer Gets 2023 Remake

EA recreates the nostalgic Lullaby trailer from Dead Space to advertise the recent remake to fans of the original game.

game-inspired-by-kiki-delivery-service-kickstarter-funding-goal-gamerant 1
Game Inspired By Kiki's Delivery Service Absolutely Demolishes Kickstarter Funding Goal

A small developer working on a open-world game inspired by Kiki's Delivery Service blows past its humble Kickstarter goals in just under a month.

SeasonOfDefianceArmor 1
Destiny 2 Season of Defiance Has The Witness and Calus Invading Earth

As The Witness and Calus invade Earth, well-known characters step into the light in defense of The Traveler and the civilians of The Last City.

genshin-impact-dehya-gameplay-showcase 1
Genshin Impact Showcases Dehya Gameplay

Genshin Impact showcases gameplay for five-star character Dehya, with the claymore user packing a Pyro-infused punch.

The-Thaumaturge-Salutor 1
Witcher 1 Remake Dev Announces New Supernatural RPG

A brand-new story-rich RPG with supernatural elements is announced by the studio that's working on the Witcher 1 remake.

the front new open world survival zombie game 1
New Open World Survival Zombie Game is Like Battlefield Meets DayZ

Samar Studio reveals its upcoming open-world survival shooter with crafting mechanics, and the first trailer looks like Battlefield meets DayZ.

the-finals-closed-beta-test-new-trailer 1
Multiplayer Shooter The Finals Launching Closed Beta Next Month

Embark Studios reveals its upcoming multiplayer FPS The Finals will be receiving its first closed beta test next month, debuting a new trailer.

deceit 2 social deduction tools 1
New Game is Like a Horror Version of Among Us

A sequel is announced for the social deduction FPS Deceit that leans more toward Among Us while toning down the fast-paced action.

Goodbye Volcano High key art 1
Goodbye Volcano High Confirms Release Date

Developer KO_OP announces the release date for the upcoming narrative adventure game Goodbye Volcano High with a new trailer at Sony's State of Play.

Promotional images featuring Street Fighter 6's Zangief, Lilly, and Cammy. 1
Street Fighter 6 Confirms 3 More Fighters for the Roster

Capcom's upcoming fighting game Street Fighter 6 confirms three more characters for its roster of playable fighters.

Ravenswatch Logo 1
Cel Shaded Roguelike Ravenswatch Gets Early Access Trailer

Curse of the Dead Gods developer reveals an early access announcement trailer for upcoming cel shaded roguelike Ravenswatch.

atelier-marie-remake-release-date-revealed 1
Atelier Marie Remake Confirms Release Date

Koei Tecmo officially announces the release date for the upcoming Atelier Marie remake with the 1997 RPG's remake set to launch this summer.

Bleak-Faith-Forsaken-Enemies-City 1
Soulslike Game Bleak Faith: Forsaken Gets Release Date Trailer

The soulslike game Bleak Faith: Forsaken receives a new trailer along with an expected release date, and fans are excited about the news.