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Diablo 4

Diablo 4 is an action PRG developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It's the fourth mainline game in the franchise and lets players pick from 5 playable classes as they explore an open world Sanctuary in order to take down Lilith, while also completing quests, leveling up, and gaining better loot.

diablo 4
June 6, 2023
Action RPG, Hack and Slash
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Lilith Diablo 4 Boss Close Up 1
The Best Diablo 4 Builds to Use on Launch

The official release of Diablo 4 is right around the corner, and these builds are the best options for each class come launch day.

diablo 4 no balance pay at launch day one necromancer druid 1
Diablo 4 Will Not Have Day One Balance Patch

Associate Game Director Joseph Piepiora clarifies how different the launch build of Diablo 4 will be compared to its server slam version.

diablo 4 players unhappy with microtransaction prices 28 dollars armor set skin cosmetics 1
Diablo 4 Players Are Already Unhappy With Microtransaction Prices

Premium cosmetics from the Diablo 4 cash shop are making the rounds on social media, and Diablo players aren't particularly happy with the price tag.

diablo-4-blizzard-and-steelseries-gaming-gear-collab 1
Diablo 4 – Burning Questions Answered

Diablo 4 fans have a lot of questions about the upcoming continuation of the Diablo series – here are the answers to some of the most popular.

diablo-4-hardcore-mode-explained1 1
Diablo 4: What is Hardcore Mode?

Diablo 4 wouldn't be the same if it didn't ship with a Hardcore Mode, and here is how this unique mode works along with what the rewards are.

Wo Long, Diablo IV, Cassette Beasts 1
12 Great Games with Long Co-Op Campaigns

These games stand out when it comes to long Co-Op campaigns.

diablo-4-how-to-play-early1 1
How to Play Diablo 4 Early

Diablo 4 gives players the opportunity to explore Sanctuary early, and here is how fans can take this opportunity.

diablo-4-beta-server-slam-ashava-rewards 1
Every Diablo 4 Server Slam and Beta Reward Players Will be Able to Claim on Launch

Diablo 4 offered beta and Server Slam participants a variety of different rewards for completing certain challenges that players can claim at launch.

diablo4-ashava-blogroll-1679520346687 1
Diablo 4 Dev Defines the World Bosses' Role In the Endgame Grind

Diablo 4 dev Joe Piepiora talks about world bosses, the endgame loop, and why Ashava was so difficult in the Server Slam in a Game Rant interview.

diablo 3 and diablo 4 side by side 1
Diablo 4 Devs Reveal Why They Didn't Include Diablo 3's Rifts

In a recent Game Rant interview, Diablo 4 devs discuss moving away from the endless grind of Diablo 3's Rifts and Greater Rift systems.

diablo 4 darkened opening review build 1
Diablo 4 Review

Diablo 4 has used the lessons of its past to create a massive and enjoyable experience that fans and newcomers alike with be playing for a long time.

lilith and fried chicken launch 1
Diablo 4 KFC Collaboration Officially Revealed

Blizzard begins its newest Diablo 4 promotion with KFC featuring exclusive in-game weapon cosmetics without much fanfare.

d4 race unfair reviewers ineligible 1
Diablo 4 Makes Important Clarification About Hardcore Race

Diablo 4 eliminates a concern about the upcoming Hardcore Victories Contest that would have given some players an unfair advantage in the competition.

Diablo-4-Inarius-WASD 1
Diablo 4 Missing WASD Support at Launch

It's confirmed that Diablo 4 has surprisingly no WASD support on launch, forcing gamers to either play with a mouse or a controller.

diablo-4-mounts-beta 1
Diablo 4's Betas Should Have Given Players Access to One of the Coolest Gameplay Features

Diablo 4's open beta gave gamers a taste of the upcoming game, but it couldn't encompass everything the full title will contain.

diablo-4-which-class-is-right-for-you 1
Which Diablo 4 Class is Best For You?

Players will have the option to choose between five different classes when Diablo 4 launches, and each has their own unique mechanics and play style.

wow d4 tyrael's charger town portal 1
Here's How the Diablo 4 Greedy Emissary Event Works in World of Warcraft

Understanding how the new Diablo 4 event works in World of Warcraft will help players maximize their chance of getting some exclusive loot.

diablo4_sanctuary_map_release 1
Diablo 4 Reveals Map of Sanctuary

Ahead of its June 6 launch, Diablo 4 releases an official map of Sanctuary, giving players a sneak preview of the game's world.

diablo-4_shadow-sniper 1
Diablo 4's Shadow Sniper Build Explained

Players hoping to utilize the Rogue in Diablo 4 may want to check out the Shadow Sniper build for a purely ranged approach that deals massive damage.

diablo-4-contest 1
Diablo 4 Hardcore Victory Contest Offers Players a Chance at an Awesome Reward

A Diablo 4 contest posted online by Blizzard provides players with a unique way to be immortalized in Blizzard's upcoming action RPG.