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Developed by Bethesda Game Studios, Starfield is a sci-fi action role playing game where players interact with multiple factions, engage in combat, customize their main character and ship, as well as explore a universe that features over 100 systems and 1,000 planets.

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Action, RPG
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starfield_multiplayer_hope 1
All Hope is Not Lost For Starfield's Multiplayer

Although the game is set to release without multiplayer, Starfield still has the opportunity to include the option in the near future.

Starfield-Sept-6-Announcement-Trailer 1
Starfield: Todd Howard Explains How They Were Able to Make So Many Planets

Starfield's director Todd Howard provides some insight into how the team was able to create over 1,000 planets for the upcoming space RPG.

star-citizen-starfield-comparison 1
How Starfield Compares to Star Citizen

Star Citizen and Starfield are often compared to each other thanks to a sci-fi focus and emphasis on realism, but they have their differences.

xbox-series-x-xbox-one-failure 1
Why the Xbox Series X Can't Go the Way of the Xbox One

Controversy surrounding the Xbox One prior to launch put Microsoft in a tough position that the Xbox Series X threatens to put the company in again.

Starfield Skyrim Dialogue 1
Starfield's Dialogue System Kills Two Birds With One Stone Compared to Skyrim's

A lot is already known about the dialogue system of Starfield, and if it delivers, it could be much better than Skyrim's in a couple of ways.

Starfield Artifacts  1
How Starfield Can Avoid the Biggest Sci-Fi Cliche in Gaming

Starfield’s story seems to be flirting with an overused science fiction trope that Bethesda’s game would be better off steering well clear of.

Xbox-showcase-Halo-Xbox-logo 1
Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct Will Be Screened at Select Theaters

Xbox announces to fans that its double feature with Games Showcase and Starfield Direct will be available to watch in select theatres.

Starfield ship 1
Starfield's Ship Customization Doesn't Have to Be Rocket Science to Be Good

Starfield's extensive ship customization is one of the game's unique selling points, and it doesn't have to be too complicated in order to be fun.

xbox controller 1
Rumor: New Xbox Controller and Headset Reveal Happening Soon

A persistent rumor suggests that Microsoft will reveal a mysterious new headset alongside a special Xbox controller.

Starfield adventurer brown landscape 1
Starfield Fans Call on Bethesda to Pay Tribute to Gamer Who Passed Away

Starfield fans call for Bethesda to pay tribute to a gamer who passed away before getting a chance to play the much-anticipated RPG.

Starfield Skyrim Character Builder 1
How Starfield’s Character Creator Can Top Skyrim’s

Skyrim offered a good set of tools for players to make their Dragonborn, and Starfield could surpass that with futuristic flair.

Starfield-4 1
Redfall’s Failure Puts Starfield Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Xbox Game Studios' recent AAA titles have fallen flat, and that means it may be up to Starfield to save it, but that could be an impossible challenge.

Starfield Ship Xbox 1
Xbox Game Pass Can't Rely on Starfield Alone

Xbox Game Pass doesn't currently have a very packed year, and the service can't just rely on Bethesda's Starfield to carry it alone.

Mortal Kombat 1 September 2023 1
September is Suddenly Stacked With Big Game Releases

September 2023 already had some big games lined up, but the announcement of Mortal Kombat 1 has made the month one to keep an eye on.

Image from Starfield showing a large metropolis on a lush green planet. 1
Starfield Will Allegedly Have More Hairstyle Choices Than Fallout 4

Someone thinks that Starfield will have more hairstyles to choose from than Fallout 4, as the rumor mill about the upcoming game continues unabated.

A ship flying by a planet in Starfield 1
Starfield Features That Might Be Testing the Waters for The Elder Scrolls 6

Starfield is Bethesda's big leap into a space-themed adventure, and it could have some ideas to bring to The Elder Scrolls' upcoming game.

Hollow Knight: Silksong Deserves Starfield Treatment 1
Hollow Knight: Silksong Deserves the Starfield Treatment

Starfield is making up for its delay with a personalized presentation, and Hollow Knight: Silksong should once again follow it by doing the same.

id Software may be helping in the development of Starfield's combat system 1
Why id Software Assisting with Starfield Just Makes Sense

Fans are speculating that id Software may be working with Bethesda for Starfield's combat system, and it wouldn't be a surprise if they are.

Xbox Game Pass Green Rays 1
Xbox Game Pass Is Right to Lay Low For a While

The upcoming slate of Xbox Game Pass games is a little underwhelming, but that might actually be a smart move on Xbox's part right now.

upcoming new rpgs 2023 beyond featured image - witcher, starfield 1
Upcoming Role-Playing Games People Are Excited For

Some major RPGs are announced for 2023 and beyond, but which upcoming releases have the most hype?