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Zack Snyder Rebel Moon Netflix 1
Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon Gets Exciting Release Update

Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon gets new updates, including exciting details on the release and what Netflix is planning for the sci-fi franchise.

best sites to watch anime online featured image 1
15 Best Sites To Watch Anime Online (& What You Can Watch)

Watching anime on these legal sites comes with certain perks that guarantee fans satisfaction when streaming their favorite shows.

The Witcher Season 5 1
The Witcher Casting Director Seemingly Confirms Big News About The Show's Future

The Witcher casting director Sophie Holland seemingly confirmed the show's future after the Netflix series' fourth season finishes filming.

Liam Hemsworth as The Witcher deepfake with Yennefer 1
Liam Hemsworth Gets Deepfaked Into The Witcher

The Witcher fans will have to wait until 2024 to see Liam Hemsworth replace Cavill, but as far as looks go, Netflix could have done worse.

Bojack Horseman Amy Sedaris 1
BoJack Horseman Voice Actor Addresses Possible Reboot

BoJack Horseman actor Amy Sedaris, who voiced Princess Carolyn, expressed her desire to resume the Netflix animated comedy show's story.

Finan and Uhtred in The Last Kingdom and Seven Kings Must Die poster 1
The Last Kingdom: Was the Movie Needed?

Seven Kings Must Die, the latest addition to The Last Kingdom franchise, may have offered an unnecessary ending to an already complete story.

Wandering Son, Carole and Tuesday, Kakegurui, My Hero Academia Transgender LGBTQ Anime 1
8 Great Transgender Anime Characters

Discover the wholesome and positive transgender portrayals from My Hero Academia, Wandering Son, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and more.

Underrated Anime Spring 2023 1
8 Best Underrated Anime Of Spring 2023

Explore the hidden gems of the 2023 spring season that have a lot to offer the anime scene, despite their modest fandoms.

Sonic, Tails, Rouge, Knuckles, and Amy in Sonic Prime 1
Sonic Prime Season 1 Ending, Explained

This Netflix adaptation of the beloved Blue Blur ended on a cliffhanger, but fans can rest assured knowing he's racing back to resolve it soon.

dbsd 1
Dead by Daylight’s Game Already Presents the Perfect Cast for the Blumhouse Adaptation

Dead by Daylight's Blumhouse adaptation has an ideal route to follow if it decides to implement licensed characters from post-launch DLC.

The Witcher Season 3 Spoilers Leaked Promo Art 1
The Witcher: Leaked Promo Art Reveals Big Season 3 Details

The Witcher season 3 merchandise art gives fans of the show an idea of what's in store for Henry Cavill's final outing as Geralt of Rivia.

atypical anime girls gender norms 1
10 Atypical Anime Girls That Subvert Gender Stereotyping

These anime girls defy gender clichés and stereotypes to redefine what it means to be a powerful female protagonist.

Mike Flanagan Fall of the House of Usher Edgar Allan Poe Netflix Show 1
Mike Flanagan Lays To Rest Rumors On The Demise Of His Edgar Allan Poe Netflix Show

Mike Flanagan says Fall of the House of Usher is coming soon to Netflix, despite rumors about the Edgar Allan Poe show facing trouble.

netflix logo with rotten tomatoes splat 1
New Netflix Series Has a 1% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes

A brand-new Netflix series releases to widespread and overwhelmingly negative reviews from fans and critics alike.

Zack Snyder Snyderverse Netflix 1
Zack Snyder Shares Thoughts On The 'Sell Snyderverse To Netflix' Initiative

Fans now know what Zack Snyder thinks of the campaign that aims to see his Snyderverse continue on a third-party platform like Netflix.

black-knight-netflix Cropped 1
Black Knight Review

This Netflix adaptation of a webtoon is a solid post-apocalyptic action series about couriers with the world on their shoulders.

the-mother-jennier-lopez Cropped 1
The Mother Review

Jennifer Lopez returns to the action hero role for this bizarrely lifeless film about parenting under duress.

Jenna Ortega Writers Strike Wednesday 1
Jenna Ortega Criticized By Striking Writers For Previous Wednesday Comments

Jenna Ortega is being mocked by striking Writers Guild of America members for claiming to change lines for Netflix's hit show, Wednesday.

perfect match logo 1
Perfect Match Star Announces Engagement

One of the stars of the hit Netflix reality series/dating competition Perfect Match announces her engagement.

Wednesday The Hyde 1
Wednesday Star Talks Season One Villain's True Allegiance

Wednesday's shocking villain reveal left Ms. Addams down a friend, but the actor behind the betrayal thinks the character is misunderstood.