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Job Listing Hints at Return of Critically-Acclaimed FPS Series

A new job listing indicates that one of the most critically acclaimed first-person shooter titles of recent years may be getting a sequel.

Bethesda Villains 1
7 Best Villains In Bethesda's Games, Ranked

Bethesda has a long history as one of the best game studios in the world, but which of their villainous characters have been the very best?

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PS Plus Extra's April 2023 Additions Are a Surprising Break from Xbox Game Pass

PlayStation Plus' Extra tier is about to receive another handful of titles, but a few of them might take the wind out of Xbox Game Pass' sails a bit.

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15 Games Set In World War 2 (That Aren't Call of Duty: Vanguard)

Call of Duty: Vanguard isn't for everyone. Luckily for history buff gamers, World War 2 is a popular setting for shooters and strategy titles.

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Best Video Games That Defined Generation X

Gen X got to experience several legendary titles that would go on to define video games in the succeeding decades.

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Atomic Heart Takes as Much Inspiration From Wolfenstein as it Does From BioShock

Although its comparisons to BioShock are clear, Atomic Heart draws equally from the Wolfenstein series with its alt-history world design and themes.

Screenshots from DOOM, Heretic, and Terra Nova 1
The 10 Best MS-DOS Shooters

From Wolfenstein 3D to DOOM, the first-person shooter genre was created and perfected on MS-DOS.

The title screen from Wolfenstein 3D showing B.J. Blazkowicz hiding from a soldier. 1
Wolfenstein 3D Gets Demade, Runs on a Very Early Intel Processor

Someone 'demakes' the classic id Software shooter Wolfenstein 3D, where it can now run on an intel processor that's more than four decades old.

Left: The Raincoat Killer from Deadly Premonition. Middle: A gatling gun aiming at an undead warrior in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Right: Two pale cultists in dark robes from Resident Evil 4. 1
7 Games To Play Until The New Hellboy Game Comes Out

Hellboy fans eagerly waiting for the new game to come out can try the following titles in the meanwhile to temper their excitement.

Epic Games Store Total Value 1
The Total Value of All Epic Games Store Free Games of 2022

Though some gamers are still averse to using it, the Epic Games Store has continued to grow throughout 2022, and it's given users a ton of free games.

Featured - Best Shooter Games That Turn 30 This 2022 1
5 Best Shooter Games That Turned 30 In 2022, Ranked

In 2022, these shooter games reached their third decade in the hall of fame of video games. Here's how they rank up.

Video Game Characters With A Physical Disability 1
10 Video Game Characters Who Have A Physical Disability

These iconic video game characters don't let their physical disabilities define them.

Indiana Jones MachineGames 1
Why MachineGames is Perfect for the Indiana Jones IP

MachineGames is currently hard at work on an Indiana Jones game, and the developer is the perfect choice for an IP set during World War 2.

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8 Most Evil Tyrants In Games

Tyrants, as in other forms of media, often serve as antagonists in video games. These characters are some of the most deplorable.

Wolfenstein Enemy Terratory Axis 1
2003 Wolfenstein Game Gets Surprise Update

Developers surprise fans with the sudden announcement of an unexpected update for a moderately obscure Wolfenstein spinoff released back in 2003.

Image from Goat Simulator 3 showing three goats with Wolfenstein 3D's Mechahitler in the background. 1
Goat Simulator 3 Will Feature a Nod to Wolfenstein 3D

Goat Simulator 3 looks like it's going to be an insanely fun ride, and the game is upping the ante with this reference to 90s first-person shooters.

A photo of Doom co-creator John Romero holding up his right hand. 1
John Romero Says Doom Was The 90th Game He Made

John Romero is considered something of a pioneer for co-creating Doom, but it turns out it took him a long time before the iconic FPS emerged.

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory - 3 joined images 1
7 Beginner Tips For Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Players new to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory may be a little lost at first. However, these tips should help get them on the right track.

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10 Most Riveting Speeches In Video Games

These speeches heighten the gameplay experience as they sometimes motivate players to put in more effort during critical gaming moments.

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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - Every Class, Ranked

Choosing the right class can mean the difference between success and failure in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Here are the best choices to make.