In Fortnite, players will have to acquire the best weapons they can in order to get the best placement and earn a Victory Royale - offense is just as important as defense. There are several ways to acquire high-rarity weapons in Fortnite, but sometimes when players aren't getting any luck while looting, they might want to upgrade their lower-rarity weapons to increase their chances of coming out on top.

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This guide will show gamers where they can find Upgrade Benches on the battle royale map and exactly what they need in order to use them properly.

Upgrade Bench Locations

chapter 4 season 2 map with upgrade bench locations

In total, there are 13 Upgrade Benches in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. They are scattered all over the island, making it easier for players to have access to them regardless of where they are on the map. Here is where the Upgrade Benches are located:

  1. Crude Harbor landmark
  2. Beep 'N Bounce landmark
  3. Breakwater Bay
  4. The Citadel
  5. Anvil Square
  6. Shattered Slabs
  7. Slappy Shores
  8. Hitches and Ditches landmark
  9. Drift Ridge landmark
  10. Frenzy Fields
  11. Mega City
  12. Fallow Fuel landmark

Upgrade Benches aren't usually out in the open; when players get to a named location or a landmark with an Upgrade Bench, they will be able to find them inside either a garage or an auto shop.

How To Use An Upgrade Bench

upgrading a pistol at an upgrade bench

The Upgrade Bench is a simple tool that allows gamers to upgrade their weapons using their ammo and gold bars. To upgrade a weapon, players must switch to it in their inventory, interact with the Upgrade Bench, and then simply select the "Upgrade" option.

Since Chapter 4 Season 2 is coming to an end and gold bars might reset once the new season starts, this is the perfect opportunity to use the Upgrade Bench and quickly spend them before they're gone. The higher the weapon's original rarity, the higher it will cost to upgrade it.

As part of Week 12's quests, players will have to upgrade five weapons at an Upgrade Bench. The cheapest way to finish this quest is to fill one's inventory with five Common rarity weapons and upgrade them all at the nearest Upgrade Bench. If players do this, they will quickly complete all stages of the quests and keep the rest of their gold for better upgrades.

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