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Raza's a staff writer for GameRant. After getting a degree in journalism and his love for gaming, Raza decided to make his passion his job. After working for a music news website called, and learning about the industry, he finally got to write about video games. By joining GameRant, he's able to offer players helpful advice on a wide topic of games, by providing them hints and tips.

Xbox One Local 1
Xbox One: The 26 Best Local Four-Player Games You Can Play Now

Four player games can turn hanging out with friends into a wild party, and these games are the best ice breakers around.

cyberpunk best mods feature 1
Cyberpunk 2077: 13 Best Weapon Attachments & How To Get Them

Here are some of the better weapon attachments for those jumping back in, or finally starting, Cyberpunk 2077.

xbox series x games 4k 60 fps 1
The Best Xbox Series X Games That Can Run At 4K & 60 FPS (April 2023)

Microsoft's Xbox Series X has enough power to bring out the best in its games. What great titles can run at 4K and 60 fps on the console?

cyberpunk 2077 mod feature 1
Cyberpunk 2077: 15 Great Weapon Mods You Need To Try

With Cyberpunk 2077 all patched up and DLC on the way, fans are excited to jump back in. Adding these weapon mods can only add to the excitement.

titanfall 2 best weapons ranked 1
Titanfall 2: Best Weapons, Ranked

Players looking for the strongest loadout for Titanfall 2 need not search further than this ranking of the game's best weapons.

mechwarrior 5 best light mechs feature 1
Best Light Mechs In MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

When it comes to light mechs, these are the best available for players in MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries.

mechwarrior 5 best weapons feature 1
Best Weapons In MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

MechWarrior 5 has a lot for players to manage, but using these weapons makes it all a little bit easier.

assassins creed were to go in japan feature 1
5 Periods of Japanese History That Would be Great For Assassin's Creed

Japanese history is rich and fascinating, and plenty of time periods would be ideal settings for an Assassin's Creed game.

rhythm sprout tips feature 1
Beginner Tips For Rhythm Sprout

These tips will help players get going in Rhythm Sprout.

easy xbox games that are hard to 100% feature 1
5 Easy Xbox Games That Are Absurdly Difficult To 100%

These Xbox games might be simple in concept, but completing them 100% is a huge commitment of time and effort—to an absurd degree.

rhythm action feature 1
5 Best Action Rhythm Games

The action rhythm crossover genre is becoming more and more popular. Here are some of the best games that incorporate mechanics of both.

hifi rush special attacks feature 1
Hi-Fi Rush: Best Special Abilities, Ranked

The best special abilities in Hi-Fi Rush are the ones that are easy to use, and dish out massive damage.

torchlight infinite best one hand feature 1
Best One-Handed Weapons In Torchlight: Infinite

One-handed weapons in Torchlight: Infinite can help players achieve great things in combat. These are some of the best choices.

torchlight infinite best shield 1
Best Shields In Torchlight: Infinite

Choosing the right shield is key in Torchlight: Infinite. Here are the strongest shields players can get in the game.

torchlight infinite best shield feature 1
Best Armor In Torchlight: Infinite

A good defense is the best offense. Here's what the best armor is in Torchlight: Infinite.

need for speed best open world games 1
10 Need For Speed Games With The Best Open-Worlds

These Need For Speed games stand out as the best of the lot when it comes to open worlds.

torchlight infinte best two handed weapon feature 1
Best Two-Handed Weapons In Torchlight: Infinite

Two-handed weapons in Torchlight: Infinite sacrifice speed for damage. These are the best options for a two-handed build.

yugioh crossduelvmasterduel 1
Differences Between Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel and Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

Yu-Gi-Oh! fans torn between Cross Duel and Master Duel will need to know these key differences between the two games.

soulstone survivor runes feature 1
Soulstone Survivors: Best Runes

In the roguelike Soulstone Survivors, runes are the only thing that carry over between runs. These are the best choices for players to use.

escape from tarkov assult rifle feature 1
Escape From Tarkov: Best Assault Rifles, Ranked

Assault rifles are powerful weapons in Escape from Tarkov, but some will serve players better than others.

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