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Marvel’s Wolverine Could Have Had an Engaging Mechanic with Bone Claws

Marvel's Wolverine's titular character will have his iconic adamantium-laced claws, but bare bone claws could have been much more interesting.

Jax, Sol Badguy, and Miguel 1
10 Best Brawlers In Fighting Games

Brawlers are the heavy hitters in fighting games, and every title in the genre has at least a few. Here are some that stand out above the rest.

Wolverine Sentinel 1
Marvel's Wolverine Should Include These Sentries as Unique Mini-Bosses

Marvel's Wolverine has an almost unlimited supply of enemy types to draw inspiration from, and there's one iconic X-Men foe that should make the cut.

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Blade: 5 Comic Storylines the Movie Should Utilize

Mahershala Ali will soon make his MCU debut as the vampire hunter Blade in Phase Five, but what storylines could be included in the new film version?

insomniac wolverine absent playstation showcase 2023 1
Why Marvel's Wolverine No-Showing The 2023 PlayStation Showcase is Not Concerning

Marvel's Wolverine was nowhere to be seen during the recent PlayStation showcase, but its absence should not be cause for concern among fans.

Spider-Man 2018 Homecoming Suit 1
Marvel's Wolverine Would Be Wise to Take Notes From a Minor Spider-Man Feature

Marvel's Spider-Man will presumably influence Marvel's Wolverine quite heavily, but there's one little feature, in particular, it should borrow.

Gamerant Recap 052123 1
Game Rant Recap for 05/15/23 – 05/21/23

Mortal Kombat's reborn universe is briefly teased, Five Nights at Freddy's debuts its movie trailer, and more in this week's Game Rant recap.

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Marvel's Wolverine Should Pay Tribute To One Standout Movie Rivalry

Marvel's Wolverine puts the fan-favorite in the limelight, but it remains to be seen which villains from his rogue's gallery will show up in the game.

PlayStation Showcase Continue Marvel Heyday 1
The May 24 PlayStation Showcase is Likely to Continue a Heyday for Marvel Games

Many expect Marvel's Spider-Man 2 to appear at the upcoming PlayStation Showcase, but other Marvel games may also be waiting in the wings.

Insomniac Wolverine Spider Man Similarities 1
Marvel's Wolverine Will Likely Have a Huge Story Similarity to Insomniac's Spider-Man

Though the two games will likely have very different tones, Marvel’s Wolverine and Marvel’s Spider-Man could share one important story trait.

Marvel's Wolverine God of War Ragnarok 1
Marvel's Wolverine Borrowing One God of War Ragnarok Feature Would Be a Game-Changer

Marvel's Wolverine could shake up the character's traditional adaptation formula by including a key feature from God of War Raganrok.

X-Men: The Animated Series Jubilee Beast Cyclops 1
First Look At Wolverine In New X-Men Show Revealed By LEGO Set

New X-Men '97 merchandising offers a glimpse of the new-and-improved Wolverine in the upcoming Disney Plus series from Marvel Studios.

Marvels Wolverine Cyberpunk V Core 1
Marvel's Wolverine Needs the Same Core as Cyberpunk 2077's V

Wolverine's unique attributes share some similarities with Cyberpunk 2077's protagonist V, and they should be utilized in Marvel's upcoming game.

marvels-wolverine-claws-logo-removed 1
Marvel's Wolverine Can Steal the Spotlight by Revealing Its Gameplay in This Unique Way

Though there is no telling when Marvel’s Wolverine will first be shown in action, Insomniac Games has one exciting opportunity for a reveal.

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Marvel's Midnight Suns' DLC and Insomniac's Wolverine Game Point to The Same Outcome

Two high-profile game releases with Marvel licensing indicate that a new title featuring a legacy Marvel team might be a foregone conclusion.

marvel's wolverine insomniac games developers gouges severs gashes 1
Insomniac's Spider-Man and Wolverine May Be In The Same Universe, But Should Be Worlds Apart

Because the two superheroes are so different, Insomniac Games should think carefully about crossing over Marvel's Spider-Man and Wolverine.

marvel's wolverine ultimate spider-man boss fight enemy venom 1
A Wolverine Introduction in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Couldn’t Hold a Candle to One Classic Game

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 introducing Wolverine would face a tough task following up on the character's introduction in a beloved Spider-Man game.

marvel's spider-man 2 marvel's wolverine science superpowers armor tech 1
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Can Sow the Seeds for Wolverine Through Science, Not Superpowers

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 can wield its science-heavy tropes to reference or tease Marvel's Wolverine but should be wary of an overreliance on science.

god of war ragnarok marvel's wolverine spider-man NPC companions 1
God of War Ragnarok Can Help Marvel’s Wolverine Stand Apart from Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel's Wolverine could take from God of War Ragnarok's most prominent feature to be more distinct apart from the Marvel's Spider-Man franchise.

Wolverine vs Sabretooth (cut-off) Snow 1
Marvel's Wolverine Needs a New Twist on Logan's Oldest Companion

Logan has a vast array of companions and enemies, but one blurs the line between them and needs to get a fresh take in Marvel's Wolverine.