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Matt Karoglou

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About Matt Karoglou

Matt Karoglou is a freelance writer and musician who has been playing video games for 36 years and writing about them for almost as long. When he's not editorializing about the intricacies and brilliance of the Shmup genre or playing Resident Evil for the thousandth time, he can be found most days listening to metal and hardcore records while enjoying indie titles on his Steam Deck.

ninja gaiden shinobi non grata platformer metroidvania boss indie game 1
Ninja Gaiden Fans Should Check Out This New Game

Fans of the classic, brutal Ninja Gaiden series of games have a new title they can check out that could scratch the same itch.

Midnight Suns Sequel Improvements 1
How a Midnight Suns Sequel Could Improve Over the Original

Firaxis' Marvel's Midnight Suns blended the tried-and-true XCOM formula with deck-building and a potential sequel has room for even more innovation.

metal-gear-solid-3-remake 1
There May Be More to Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake's Title Than Meets the Eye

The reveal of the long-rumored Metal Gear Solid 3 remake came with one surprising change to the game's title that may be hinting at something.

marathon_trailer 1
Marathon Proves PlayStation is Keeping its Promise About Bungie

The reveal of Bungie's revival of the Marathon franchise at the PlayStation Showcase makes good on Sony's intentions with studio acquisitions.

Zelda TOTK BOTW Closed Book 1
Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom May Have Closed the Book on The Franchise's Longest-Standing Feature

Absence of a critical piece of The Legend of Zelda's narrative and iconography in Breath of the Wild and TotK may signal a new path for the series.

hollow-knight-silksong_promo-art 1
Hollow Knight: Silksong Should Go All In On One Feature or Go Home

When considering the ways that Hollow Knight: Silksong might borrow from its predecessor, one feature stands out as a necessary inclusion.

ultros_key-art 1
Ultros Offers a Trippy Alternative to Hollow Knight: Silksong

Ultros was a pleasant surprise announcement at the PlayStation Showcase and looks to be a unique Metroidvania that can ease the wait for Silksong.

diablo-4_shadow-sniper 1
Diablo 4's Shadow Sniper Build Explained

Players hoping to utilize the Rogue in Diablo 4 may want to check out the Shadow Sniper build for a purely ranged approach that deals massive damage.

exoprimal 1
Exoprimal Has a Chance to Soar Where Redfall Stumbled

Capcom's upcoming dino-themed co-op shooter Exoprimal is perfect for Microsoft's GamePass service and may fill the gap left by Redfall's launch.

warhammer-40k-boltgun_key-art 1
Warhammer 40K Boltgun Continues the Heyday for Boomer Shooters

The burgeoning Boomer Shooter FPS subgenre gets another incredible entry in the form of Warhammer 40K Boltgun, a retro-style shooter packing heat.

mgs-master-collection 1
PlayStation Takes a Page Out of Switch Online's Playbook With Metal Gear's Collection

The May 24 PlayStation Showcase revealed that Metal Gear Solid will be making a return on the platform thanks to a new prestige collection.

helldivers-2_key-art 1
Helldivers 2 Takes A Staple of Its Predecessor and Turns it On Its Head

The reveal of Helldivers 2 was accompanied by a surprising change that will clearly differentiate the sequel from its predecessor in one key way.

immortals-of-aveum_combat 1
One Game Walked So Immortals of Aveum Could Run

EA's upcoming fantasy-themed first-person shooter Immortals of Aveum can trace its inspirations all the way back to one of the genre's early titles.

final-fantasy_series-collage 1
Why Numerical Entries Are Necessary for Final Fantasy Games

The intention to remove numbers from main Final Fantasy entries after Final Fantasy 16 somewhat negates the series' lasting impact on the medium.

sony-exclusives-pc 1
Sony's Recent PC Port Comments Seemingly Have One Sad Exception

Sony's recent comments signal intent to double down on its strategy of bringing exclusives to the PC, but one title is missing from the conversation.

metal-gear-2_key-art 1
A Metal Gear Revival Shouldn't Ignore The Series' Origins

The recent rumor that fans might see some Metal Gear-related news at the upcoming PlayStation Showcase could mean the return of two classics.

borderlands_key-art 1
One Surprising Genre Would Allow For an Interesting Borderlands Spin-Off

Despite already having its fair share of spin-off titles, the Borderlands franchise is a perfect fit for one genre that has a proven track record.

resident-evil-2_remake 1
Resident Evil’s Remakes Have Nowhere to Go But Up from Here

After three successful next-gen remakes of classic Resident Evil games, Capcom seems to have struck gold with a winning formula for the series.

dead-space-2_the-sprawl 1
One Remake Feature Could Make Dead Space 2's Setting as Iconic as the Ishimura

The recent Dead Space remake established the game's setting as one of the best in survival horror and Dead Space 2 should follow its lead.

diablo-4_druid-werebear 1
Diablo 4's Pulverizing Werebear Build Explained

The Pulverizing Werebear build is ideal for Diablo 4 players looking to craft a melee-focused Druid that still has the bonus of using summons.

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