With the imminent launch of Starfield on the horizon, Bethesda's intergalactic action RPG is arguably one of the most anticipated releases of the year. After two previous delays, the game's new release date of September 6 now feels closer than ever, but Bethesda's decision to not include multiplayer has some eager fans disappointed with the lack of a mode that could make Starfield a gaming experience that goes above and beyond for players. Despite the initial lack of multiplayer, all hope isn't lost quite yet for those who were looking forward to having an epic sci-fi multiplayer experience.

Although Starfield's release date is only a few more months away, there still remain many secrets and unknowns about the game. Those who are excited about the sci-fi adventure are hoping to get more answers and gameplay footage during the upcoming Starfield Direct live-stream event that will be taking place immediately after the Xbox Games Showcase on June 11. It's not likely that there will be any bombshell announcement from Bethesda adding multiplayer to Starfield since it's been previously stated that the game will launch as a single-player experience, but when looking back at previous actions from Bethesda and also the gaming community, a multiplayer Starfield is still on the table.

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The Future Of Starfield's Multiplayer Is Found In Two Scenariosstarfield_ships_multiplayer

The first scenario for a multiplayer Starfield would involve firsthand work from Bethesda itself. The studio is no stranger to creating multiplayer spinoffs that take place in the world of previous single-player titles they've developed. Both Fallout 76 and The Elder Scrolls Online were Bethesda's response to the rise in online multiplayer games, and despite both having rocky launches, the two titles managed to find their niche player base. If Bethesda can learn from the mistakes of these previous endeavors in the multiplayer space, a similar spinoff to Starfield could potentially satisfy players who think the game would benefit from an online multiplayer mode.

Not only would an online multiplayer spinoff help satisfy the group of fans who are hoping for this mode, but it would also be an opportunity to expand upon the game's world and lore. Although Bethesda is promising that the world of Starfield is massive, many gamers are always eager to get more insight into a game's universe, especially when it comes to open-world RPGs. If Bethesda chooses this road, it would likely be a while after the game's initial release, but going the route of Fallout 76 and The Elder Scrolls Online is definitely a possible way to expand upon the game.

The second scenario, and one that is probably even more likely, is the modding community getting a hold of Starfield. One of Bethesda's biggest hits, Skyrim was never a multiplayer game, but thanks to creators modding the game, playing multiplayer is now completely possible. With there now being nearly countless mods in Skyrim, Starfield could be the next Skyrim that takes the modding community by storm. Although it could be possible for Bethesda to create a multiplayer spinoff, modders can be incredibly quick with their creations, so it wouldn't be too surprising to see a Starfield multiplayer mod be made after the game's September release.

Since Starfield will be able to fully support mods, there's no telling what the modding community will come up with in order to make this game even larger than Bethesda has already claimed it to be. This September is stacked with several big releases, and Starfield is one of the most anticipated titles on the list. For those who are disappointed in no multiplayer on launch, there may be a mod creator eagerly awaiting the game's launch just so they can give many fans the satisfaction of playing an expansive galactic adventure with friends.

Starfield launches September 6 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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