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Lauren Beeler-Beistad

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About Lauren Beeler-Beistad

Lauren Beeler-Beistad is a writer and musician based in Nashville, TN under LB Beistad. Her love of gaming began with her cousin introducing her to Banjo Kazooie and Jak and Daxter. It was love at first play. Since then she has grown a love specifically for narrative driven games and platformers.

starfield_multiplayer_hope 1
All Hope is Not Lost For Starfield's Multiplayer

Although the game is set to release without multiplayer, Starfield still has the opportunity to include the option in the near future.

warzone2_bug_water_launch_pad 1
Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Bug Turns Water Into a Launch Pad

During the middle of a match, one Warzone 2 player experiences a bizarre bug that turns the water into a powerful launch pad.

eldenring_doomslayer_charactercreator 1
Elden Ring Player Creates Spot-On Doom Slayer in the Game

In an unexpected crossover, one talented Elden Ring player recreates the iconic Doom Slayer using the game's character creator.

diablo4_sanctuary_map_release 1
Diablo 4 Reveals Map of Sanctuary

Ahead of its June 6 launch, Diablo 4 releases an official map of Sanctuary, giving players a sneak preview of the game's world.

snubbull_granbull_fanart 1
Pokemon Fan Designs Human Versions of Snubbull and Granbull

One talented Pokemon fan draws incredible human versions of both Snubbull and Granbull, putting a fresh spin on the Fairy-type Pokemon.

mrbeast_arrested_prankvideo 1
MrBeast 'Arrested' in Prank Video

A recent video shows the popular YouTube creator known as MrBeast getting arrested by police in another content creator's prank video.

stardewvalley_beachfarm_impressive 1
Stardew Valley Player Shows off Incredible Beach Farm

One Stardew Valley player creates an incredible beachfront farm that will have other players wanting to make their own oceanside homestead.

extraemily_pottedplant 1
Bizarre Twitch Stream Sees ExtraEmily Burying Herself in Giant Plant Pot

After building a reputation for strange live streams, ExtraEmily takes her content to the next level as she buries herself in a dirt-filled trash bin.

stardewvalley_shadowbrute_on_farm 1
Shadow Brute Gets Stuck on Stardew Valley Farm

One Stardew Valley player has an unexpected guest arrive on their farm; a Shadow Brute that has become stuck and cannot leave.

nintendoswitchonline_totk_icons 1
Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers Can Get New Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Icons

Gamers who are subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online have access to some great Tears of the Kingdom icons, but only for a short time.

cod_warzone2_revivepistol_shot 1
Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Clip Highlights Unbelievable Revive Pistol Shot

Although the Revive Pistol is used primarily for a short to mid range shot, one Warzone 2 player impressively tests its limits.

diablo4_treasuregoblins_fix 1
Diablo 4 Dev Reveals Change to Treasure Goblin Loot Drops Ahead of Launch

For players who experienced issues with Diablo 4's Treasure Goblins during the Server Slam, updates from the developer should bring some relief.

zelda_trojan_horse_totk 1
Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Player Builds Trojan Horse

Using the game's building mechanics, one Tears of the Kingdom player takes inspiration from Greek literature by making a Trojan Horse.

streetfighter6_confirms_openbeta_characters 1
Street Fighter 6 Confirms Open Beta Characters

With the release of Street Fighter 6 quickly approaching, the upcoming open beta reveals a variety of characters players will get to choose from.

hogwartslegacy_alohomora_filmedit 1
Hilarious Hogwarts Legacy Edit Adds Alohomora Lock Puzzle to Movie Scene

Thanks to a clever edit of a scene from Harry Potter, Hogwarts Legacy and the movie franchise collide when a character casts Alohomora.

battlefied_developers_harassed 1
Battlefield Developers Are Being Harassed

Due to an alarming increase in harassment toward Battlefield developers, the game's studio makes an official statement addressing the issue.

residentevil4_oilpainting_village 1
Resident Evil 4 Fan Creates Amazing Oil Painting of the Game's Village

A talented fan of Resident Evil 4 showcases their amazing artistic abilities by paying tribute to the game's iconic village.

stardewvalley_wizardstower_beadart 1
Stardew Valley Player Makes Incredible Recreation of Wizard’s Tower Using Beads

Using only beads, an incredibly talented fan of Stardew Valley makes a replica of Wizard's Tower that will amaze fellow players.

winniethepooh_horrorgame 1
Winnie-the-Pooh is Getting a Horror Game

A new and unexpected take on the Winnie-the-Pooh franchise turns the beloved children's story into a mysterious survival horror game.

minceraft_zelda_gerudo_desert 1
Minecraft Player Shares Amazing Recreation of Gerudo Desert From Breath of the Wild

A popular Minecraft content creator uses his talents to recreate the iconic Gerudo Desert from Breath of the Wild as a tribute to the game.

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