There are plenty of attributes necessary for strikers in FIFA 23, with the best ones having high stats in the attributes. Strikers are not one-dimensional players, they are the first line of defense for a team, especially ones that lead by attacking.

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While some attributes are consistent across different types of strikers, there are some that are dependent. For instance, a mobile striker who is good at getting behind the defenders and running away from them with the ball will need different attributes than slower players who focus on having a laser-sharp shot from anywhere and being an aerial menace.

7 Acceleration And Sprint Speed

Screenshot of Rayan Cherki In FIFA 23

Acceleration and Sprint Speed are two separate attributes, but they're both needed for a great Striker. Acceleration dictates how quickly after starting a run a player picks up in pace. Sprint Speed measures the players' top speed and how fast they'll be when maintaining a speed.

For mobile Strikers, they will need 80 Acceleration and Sprint Speed at least, but the best ones will have at least 85. The best examples of quick Strikers are Kylian M'bappe, Griezmann, and Ciro Immobile. All the best teams in FIFA 23 Online Seasons have quick players that can break away from the defense with ease.

6 Balance

Screenshot of Alejandro Garnacho In FIFA 23

FIFA 23 is based on possession-based physical gameplay. For that, the Balance attribute is very important as it dictates how well a player can remain on the feet with the ball even when being pressured by the opponent. All the players with high potential have great Balance, as it's quite an important stat.

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While all players in FIFA 23 need a high Balance attribute, it's doubly important for Strikers to have it. They're coming up against strong defenders and need to be able to withstand that pressure. Examples of Strikers with great Balance are Robert Lewandowski, Sadio Mane, and Lautaro Martinez.

5 Dribbling

Screenshot of Arthur Veerman In FIFA 23

A player's got to have great Dribbling to be viable to use in FIFA 23, since it is based so much on possession gameplay. Strikers with great Dribbling can ensure they retain possession when they make a break away from the defenders.

A Striker with good Dribbling would have at least 80 and above. Good examples of Strikers with high Dribbling are Karim Benzema, Harry Kane, and Victor Osimhen. All the best defensive midfielders in FIFA 23 have great Dribbling, as well as the best Strikers.

4 Agility

Screenshot of Rico Lewis In FIFA 23

While Dribbling and Balance are important to all players, particularly Strikers, Agility is also a very important attribute. Agility dictates how agile the Striker will be, meaning how quickly they can turn on the ball and recover after being moved past by an opponent.

At least 80 Agility or above is recommended for Strikers. Some examples of Strikers with great Agility are Kylian M'bappe, Sadio Mane, and Marcus Rashford. While players that are 35 or older in FIFA 23 can still be usable, they don't tend to have high Agility. Gamers should keep this in mind when finding Strikers to add to their team.

3 Short Passing

Screenshot of Pablo Torre In FIFA 23

While Strikers don't rely on needing to pass to others as much as Midfielders or Wingers would, they should still be able to make short passes to a decent level. One-two passes are part of many great attacks, and a Striker needs to be able to pass to a winger or midfielder before making a break past the defenders and being through on goal.

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Some examples of strikers with great Short Passing are Memphis Depay, Gabriel Jesus, and Christopher Nkunku. Gamers should aim for Strikers with at least 80 Short Passing. There are a lot of cheap young players with high potential in FIFA 23 that have great Short Passing, if gamers know where to look.

2 Strength

Screenshot Of Christian Mawissa Elebi In FIFA 23

Strikers that don't have fast Acceleration and Sprint Speed should have Strength instead. That way, even if they can't outpace the defenders, they can hold them off the ball and carry it through to goal. It's no coincidence that the strongest players in FIFA 23 are also some of the best.

Strikers with at least 85 Strength and above would be preferable if they don't have much pace. Examples of Strikers with a lot of Strength are Erling Haaland, Robert Lewandowski, and Vlahovic.

1 Finishing

Screenshot Of Antonio Silva In FIFA 23 Career Mode

A Striker wouldn't be complete without a high Finishing attribute. Without a high Finishing attribute, it doesn't matter how quickly the Striker can get behind the back line and through on goal; they won't be able to score the goal. All the Strikers in FIFA 23's best club teams have high Finishing.

When it comes to the Finishing attribute, for Strikers the higher, the better. However, players should aim for at least 80 + in their Strikers, but preferably 85 +. Examples of Strikers with a high Finishing attribute are Kylian M'bappe, Robert Lewandowski, and Erling Haaland.

FIFA 23 is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and Stadia.

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