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Rie Takumi is a freelance list writer. Aside from budgeting for gacha and vtuber superchats, they watch hockey and crochet to relax, which is ironic but that's how it goes.

Wo Long, Diablo IV, Cassette Beasts 1
12 Great Games with Long Co-Op Campaigns

These games stand out when it comes to long Co-Op campaigns.

Supraland, Besiege, Kerbal Space Program 1 1
10 Games with Similar Building Mechanics to Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

No other game exists with this kind of physics engine, but there are games with building mechanics that allow creative builds on par with ToTK.

The Outlast Trials, King of the Castle, Idol Showdown 1
10 Great Games You Need To Play With Your Chat On Stream

Streamers with interactive communities are always on the lookout for games they can play with, or against, their chat.

Rumble, Tape to Tape, and Dream Team Basketball 1
Early Access Sports Games To Look Out For

High off the playoffs and looking to scratch that sports itch? Check out these sports games in Early Access for engaging and unique gameplay.

Scenes from some funny secret achievements in Honkai Star Rail 1
Honkai: Star Rail - Funny Secret Achievements

Achievements pop up at surprising times while playing Honkai: Star Rail. Discover downright hilarious secret achievements you may have missed.

Three Honkai Star Rail Quest NPCs With Interesting Backgrounds 1
Honkai Star Rail: NPCs With Interesting Questlines

Honkai Star Rail features intriguing NPCs that flesh the galaxy out. Completing their quests uncovers backstories and even hidden achievements.