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Fable_teaser_fairy_and_sword 1
New Fable Game Teased for Xbox Showcase

The Xbox Games Showcase is right around the corner, and Microsoft seemingly teases that Playground Games' Fable will be there.

minecraft trails and tales suspicious gravel pottery brush pitcher hanging sign 1
Minecraft Trails and Tales' Archaeology Mechanic is Hopefully Just Getting Started

Minecraft will soon implement archaeology as a new loot system, and while it's off to a good start, Mojang can still go the extra mile.

Shivering Isles Obelisk of Order 1
The Elder Scrolls 6 Should See This Forgotten Daedra Lord's Return

It has been a while since fans heard from one Daedra Lord, and The Elder Scrolls 6 is an excellent opportunity for this forgotten Prince's return.

Activision Blizzard Entertainment logos on white background 1
Activision Blizzard May Already Have Another Suitor if Microsoft Sale Fails

Some analysts believe that Activision Blizzard might have another suitor lined up in the event that its proposed sale to Microsoft falls through.

redfall drops out of most played games on xbox 1
Redfall Drops Out of Xbox's Top 50 Most-Played Games and It's Not Even a Month Old Yet

Redfall came out less than a month ago, and it has already dropped from a list showing the most-played games on Xbox consoles.

bethesda-trademark-monster-hunting-game-giant-monster-news 1
Bethesda Trademark Hints at Monster Hunting Game

A new trademark filed by Bethesda parent company ZeniMax may be hinting at a potential monster hunting game from the Elder Scrolls developer.

Microsoft Activision Blizzard King vs Competition and Markets Authority CMA logos 1
Microsoft Appeals UK Rejection of Activision Blizzard Deal

Microsoft formally appeals the UK's decision to block its proposed $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard on five grounds.

xbox-series-x-xbox-one-failure 1
Why the Xbox Series X Can't Go the Way of the Xbox One

Controversy surrounding the Xbox One prior to launch put Microsoft in a tough position that the Xbox Series X threatens to put the company in again.

Destiny 2 Emote Have A Seat Titan 1
Destiny 2's Latest PlayStation Collaboration Puts Xbox in an Awkward Situation

Destiny 2’s long history and recent partnerships with PlayStation Studios grow the series farther and farther away from an Xbox collaboration.

Starfield Artifacts  1
How Starfield Can Avoid the Biggest Sci-Fi Cliche in Gaming

Starfield’s story seems to be flirting with an overused science fiction trope that Bethesda’s game would be better off steering well clear of.

xbox-changing-certification-program-achievements-gamerscore 1
Xbox Changing Achievement Rules to Put an End to Easy Gamerscore Games

Xbox is making a major change to the rules for its achievement certification policy, looking to stem the flow of games offering easy gamerscore.

Xbox-showcase-Halo-Xbox-logo 1
Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct Will Be Screened at Select Theaters

Xbox announces to fans that its double feature with Games Showcase and Starfield Direct will be available to watch in select theatres.

Xbox Games Showcase fire emoji promo upscaled 1
The Xbox Showcase Needs to Strike While the Iron is Hot

The mixed reactions to Sony's latest PlayStation Showcase give Xbox a clear opportunity to knock it out of the park come June.

Marathon Reboot Running 1
Marathon's Cross-Platform Release Puts The Ball in Microsoft's Court

Bungie has just unveiled a Marathon reboot, and like Sony promised, it's coming to other consoles, putting the ball in Microsoft's court.

cma-senior-director-used-to-work-for-law-firm-representing-sony 1
CMA Senior Director Used to Work for Law Firm Representing Sony

It emerges that a senior director at the UK Competition and Markets Authority has a history with a law firm that has represented Sony in the past.

xbox controller 1
Rumor: New Xbox Controller and Headset Reveal Happening Soon

A persistent rumor suggests that Microsoft will reveal a mysterious new headset alongside a special Xbox controller.

minecraft yacht grand theft auto online 1
Minecraft Player Builds GTA Online's Most Expensive Yacht

A highly creative and dedicated Minecraft player recreates one of the most extravagant locales from Grand Theft Auto Online.

playstation showcase games coming to xbox 1
Microsoft Reveals Which PlayStation Showcase Games Are Coming to Xbox

Microsoft lists quite a substantial number of PlayStation Showcase 2023 titles that are also slated to release for its Xbox consoles.

windows 11 blue screen logo 1
Microsoft Reveals Copilot AI Assistant for Windows

Microsoft announces that it will be implementing a 'personal assistant' AI into Windows 11 named Copilot, with testing beginning in June.

Microsoft-Windows-RGB-Keyboard-Example-Green 1
Windows Update Will Let Users Control Their RGB Lights Without a Secondary App

Managing one's various RGB devices gets easier with one of the new features coming to Windows, which does away with potential bloatware.