The long-in-development shooter Six Days in Fallujah will come to Steam Early Access next month. The game was originally announced way back in 2009 before being shut down due to controversy raised regarding its adherence to the real-life conflict that it is based on. Six Days in Fallujah was then revived and given a 2021 release window, before being delayed yet again.

Promising an immersive and unique perspective on a real-world battle, the tactical shooter game aims to transport players into the modern events through the eyes of those who experienced it firsthand. Six Days in Fallujah is set during the Iraq War and specifically focused on the harrowing Second Battle of Fallujah, the game delves into a sensitive and tragic chapter where numerous Iraqi civilians lost their lives at the hands of US and coalition forces. Additionally, the developers claim to have implemented a dramatic new approach to AI into Six Days in Fallujah, further enhancing the gameplay. However, the question remains whether players will find it appropriate to delve into a recent battle that remains fresh in the memories of many individuals affected by its consequences.

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Scheduled for an Early Access release on June 22 through Steam for PC, Six Days in Fallujah offers intriguing features that may appeal to tactical shooter enthusiasts and those seeking a realistic urban warfare experience. The game boasts dynamic elements such as procedural architecture, which reconstructs each building with every playthrough, as well as immersive effects like realistic lighting, dust, smoke, and weather.

Throughout its lengthy development process, Six Days in Fallujah has been mired in controversy since its initial announcement in 2009. The game's ambition to translate a significant real-life battle into video game form has generated significant debate, particularly concerning the representation of Iraqi citizens in the game's trailers and the potential glorification of US soldiers and the Iraq War itself. Initially, the game's creators insisted that it was not intended as a political statement, but they later acknowledged that crafting a game set in the Iraq War inevitably involves political implications.

Despite collaborating with over 100 soldiers who participated in the battle and involving more than two dozen Iraqi civilians and soldiers in the development process, Six Days in Fallujah is likely to continue stirring controversy as it nears its Early Access release. The game will also launch on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms, although specific release dates for those platforms have yet to be confirmed.

Six Days in Fallujah will come to Steam Early Access for PC on June 22. PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions are in development.

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