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Xbox Game Studio's Fable franchise is a series of action role-playing games consisting of three main series games and a handful of spin-offs.  The Fable games are known for their charming characters, gorgeous fantasy worlds, and alignment mechanic that sees players become good or evil depending on the morality of their choices. 

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Fable Best Villains 1
Fable: 10 Best Villains In The Games, Ranked

Many of the villains in the Fable franchise remain iconic to fans. Here are the most memorable evil-doers, ranked.

Fable_teaser_fairy_and_sword 1
New Fable Game Teased for Xbox Showcase

The Xbox Games Showcase is right around the corner, and Microsoft seemingly teases that Playground Games' Fable will be there.

Lich, Corvo, Arthur 1
10 Games With Profound Morality Systems

While most games allow players to do what they please, some games have morality systems that could alter the gameplay entirely, like these examples.

Xbox Showcase x PlayStation Showcase 1
PlayStation Could End Up Knocking the Wind Out of Xbox's Sails Yet Again

Xbox has announced that its next showcase will land on June 11, but if rumors are true, then PlayStation could end up undercutting Xbox in a big way.

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22 Great PC Games To Play If You Like The Legend Of Zelda Series

The Legend of Zelda is an incredible and beloved series. If you're looking for more titles like it, be sure to check out these PC recommendations.

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25 RPGs With The Most Romance Options

One of the standout features of RPGs is the ability to do anything you want, even fall in love. These titles feature a wide array of romance options.

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8 RPGs That Would Benefit From A Survival Mode

Having a survival mode in popular RPGs could make a game even more exciting as it gives players a more challenging experience in their beloved world.

Canceled Games 1
6 Exciting Games That Were Canceled When Their Developers Closed Their Doors

Not all games make it to the public, and unfortunately, there have been plenty of exciting games that were cancelled due to developers closing

Xbox Game Studios Steam Publisher Sale 2023 header 1
Xbox Publisher Sale 2023 Offers Up To 80% Off On Select Steam Games

Xbox Game Studios launches a massive Steam sale encompassing a large part of its PC publishing portfolio on Valve's storefront.

fable hogwarts legacy success 1
Fable Is in a Prime Position to Capitalize on Hogwarts Legacy's Success

The Fable franchise is gearing up for its next big hit, and the success of Hogwarts Legacy fosters a great opportunity for fresh announcements.

Fable Cover x Starfield 1
Fable's Reboot Should be Just as Big a Leap for Playground as Starfield is for Bethesda

Playground has worked on the Forza Horizon series forever, and while they're impressive, the studio's next project, Fable, is quite the leap.

Avowed x Fable 1
Avowed and Fable Are in the Same Boat

Avowed and Fable are two of the most anticipated upcoming fantasy game releases, and both might be trapped inside the same boat.

fable-4-feature-wishlist 1
Fable Reboot Wish List

Fable 4 has a lot of fan expectations to contend with, but there are a few things that players would love to see in the new reboot.

Villains Who Were Right All Along 1
10 Video Game Villains Who Were Right All Along

These video game villains turned out to be right after their demise.

xbox game studios sci-fi jobs header 1
Rumor: Major Xbox Exclusives Are ‘Miles Away’ from Release

A report on what Xbox fans should expect to see in terms of first-party Xbox projects claims some highly anticipated titles are 'miles away.'

fable-4-thief-similarities 1
Eidos-Montreal's 2014 Game Thief Could Help Inspire Fable 4

Fable 4 is still deep in development by all accounts, but Playground Games could look to 2014's Thief for inspiration for the series' next step.

Fable Reboot Borrow Guardians Of The Galaxy 1
What the Fable Reboot Could Borrow From Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Eidos Montreal is rumored to be aiding in Playground's Fable reboot, which may take some third-person humor from the former's Guardians of the Galaxy.

fable-cover 1
New Fable Game is Reportedly in a Playable State

The Xbox-exclusive action-roleplaying reboot of Fable being developed by Playground Games is said to be in a playable state.

fable legends screenshot 1
The Fable Reboot Has a Massive Weight on Its Shoulders

With Fable 4 in development, Playground Games faces the daunting task of delivering a game that lives up to the legacy of the original series.

Fable: Anniversary Heroes' Guild Map Room 1
Why Fable 4 Should Take Place During the Fall of The Heroes’ Guild

Fable 4 is a great opportunity to expand on the lore by taking place during the destruction of the Heroes’ Guild between Fable and Fable 2.