It’s currently anyone’s guess what will show up during the Xbox Games Showcase in June, let alone what promises might be made or reevaluated. Indeed, Xbox has been in a bit of hot water lately with assurances given during the last Xbox Games Showcase not panning out how they were intended, which has led to a bunch of disappointments regarding its first-party titles. Still, there is no telling how a game like Starfield will turn out, and a tenable Soulslike game is still slated to launch on Xbox Game Pass—that is, if it does actually release this summer.

Lies of P has been pedestaled as a Soulslike to watch out for since its initial reveal, and the enigmatic premise of a morbid Pinocchio reinterpretation is perhaps enough to sell its potential narrative in the meantime. However, Lies of P has not had a concrete release date shared yet. Right now there is only the loose release window of August keeping it anchored to a summer launch, but delays happen often and indiscriminately. In order for the Xbox Games Showcase to make an attempt at amends, it needs to clarify details about Lies of P that fans can rally behind.

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Lies of P Needs a Release Date and Xbox Game Pass Confirmation


Lies of P will already be a day-one purchase for anyone who is particularly fond of FromSoftware’s action-RPGs that share its common Soulslike subgenre. Because Lies of P is heralded as a Bloodborne clone, that sole comparison can be enough to interest fans of the long-forgotten IP that FromSoftware seems to have abandoned.

In this way, Lies of P becomes a sort of spiritual successor to it in a lot of ways. Lies of P does also launch on PlayStation consoles, but its prominence in Xbox outings finally gives the green-themed platform something for fans to praise at its events. It would make sense, then, for Lies of P to appear again at the Xbox Games Showcase on June 11 with another trailer, let alone the details that fans need about it with only a couple of months between now and its alleged launch window.

If August is still in the cards, then a more solid date should be straightforward enough. The other pressing matter this Xbox Games Showcase needs to address is the fact that Lies of P was revealed as a day-one title for Xbox Game Pass. Unfortunately, it was not confirmed whether Lies of P would be coming to the subscription service for console exclusively, or if it will also be available on the PC Game Pass side of the service.

This is a large enough clarification that should not be left until the last minute to share, and the Xbox Games Showcase gives Neowiz more than enough time to inform fans how they will be able to play Lies of P. Once these two details are known, Lies of P can afford to blissfully wait out the summer and rely solely on the atmospheric marketing it has delivered up until then, with enough gameplay floating around now to either win fans over or interest anyone in the Soulslike community overall.

Lies of P may or may not turn out to be the next Bloodborne, but it is a heavy hitter nonetheless that Xbox can’t afford to undersell in the coming weeks. Xbox Games Showcase might not need to do a lot to impress fans following how mixed the reception was to the recent PlayStation Showcase, but Lies of P has a lot it still needs to share and this would be its most opportune time to do so.

Lies of P is scheduled to launch in 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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