Players can finally transfer their Pokemon into Pokemon Scarlet and Violet via Pokemon Home now, and some fans have noticed that in-game auctions are now making certain rare items available depending on which Pokemon have been obtained in the game. Pokemon Home compatibility has been a long-awaited feature for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and more than half a year after the games released, fans can finally bring their older Pokemon to the Paldea region.

Transferring Pokemon from older titles is nothing new, with such a feature existing in some capacity as far back as the Generation 2 games. The process has evolved far beyond the use of a traditional Game Boy Link Cable, though, with the paid service known as Pokemon Home now allowing fans to transfer their favorite Pokemon between Nintendo Switch titles while also providing a cloud-based space where up to 6,000 Pokemon can be stored. A similar service known as Pokemon Bank was the functional predecessor to this application on the 3DS, and while Pokemon Bank recently became free to use, the termination of the Nintendo eShop service for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS means that Pokemon Bank is now unobtainable for fans that didn't already have it installed.

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While many of the more recent Switch-exclusive titles have introduced a bunch of new Pokemon, the ability to transfer old friends from the 3DS to the Switch is undoubtedly a crucial feature for players who have a soft spot for some of the older Pokemon games. Some Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans have noticed that the game's auctions are now selling certain rare items in wake of the games' recent connectivity with Pokemon Home, including items such as the Adamant Crystal and Lustrous Globe which allow the Legendary Pokemon Dialga and Palkia to transform into their Origin forms. One post on Reddit shared by the user reverse_typewriter shows the Lustrous Globe on offer at the Porto Marinada auction.

A number of other items are available via this auction which benefit many other Legendary Pokemon obtainable in recent games, though fans should keep in mind that auctions will only offer certain items if the associated Legendaries are present in their PC. With Pokemon Home version 3.0.0 finally bringing support for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, fans are now able to bring their Hisuian Pokemon to a more modern time, though players are still able to use Pokemon Home to return these Pokemon to their original games if they wish.

Though most species of Pokemon can be moved to Scarlet and Violet without any issues, some of the creatures remain unobtainable in the Gen 9 games due to them simply never being coded into the modern titles. The effective removal of the National Pokedex has been a major source of complaints from the community since Pokemon Sword and Shield, though many players hold onto hope that their favorite critters will return someday.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

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