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Jack has been writing and publishing his own fictional stories and game-related blog posts since he was 14. A constant lover of video games for longer than he can remember, he has a habit of playing them to 100% completion - even if it means giving up on sleep.

pokemon-legends-arceus-origin-forms-1 1
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Auctions Now Make Rare Items Available Following Home Connectivity

Auctions in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are now offering rare items to be used by Legendary Pokemon that can be transferred in from other games.

pokemon-scarlet-violet-shiny 1
Pokemon Fan Creates Alternate Shiny Versions of Paldean Pokemon

An artistic Pokemon fan puts their own spin on the shiny forms of some of the new critters introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

no-mans-sky-space 1
Upcoming No Man's Sky Update Could Bring the Game to a New Platform

The creator of No Man's Sky hints at another new update, and this one could bring the space exploration game to yet another new platform.

overwatch-2-tracer-pulse-bomb 1
Entertaining Overwatch 2 Moment Shows Tracer Accidentally Saving Ana From a Pulse Bomb

A hilarious moment in Overwatch 2 shows how skilled Tracer players can essentially serve as bodyguards for a team's support players.

destiny-2-season-of-deep-hive-dungeon-boss 1
Destiny 2 Bug Causes Guardians to Die When Crushing Hive Ghosts

Fans of Destiny 2 have been experiencing a variety of new bugs since the latest season launched, with some even dying when slaying enemy Ghosts.

overwatch-2-reinhardt 1
Overwatch 2’s Cardboard Reinhardt Skin Has Special Feature

A new Overwatch 2 skin dresses Reinhardt up in a suit made from cardboard and Blizzard added a special detail to make it even more unique.

destiny-2-season-of-deep-warlock 1
Destiny 2's Inactivity Detection Can Have Tragic Consequences for Fishing Enthusiasts

The fishing mechanic added in the latest season of Destiny 2 has gone down well with players, but the game's idle detection poses a big problem.

overwatch-2-kiriko-2-1 1
Overwatch 2 Kiriko Teleport Has Some Big Problems

Kiriko has become a fan-favorite hero since her arrival with Season 1, though the support's Swift Step ability is broken in several ways.

destiny-2-fishing 1
Destiny 2 Fans Upset Over Decrease in Neomuna Weapon Drop Rates

Destiny 2's latest Season of the Deep brings along a number of changes, though fans aren't happy about the decrease in Neomuna weapon drop rates.

overwatch-2-mercy 1
Overwatch Player Racks Up 800 Hours in the Game Without Doing Any Damage

One old Overwatch account reveals the stats of a Mercy player who never dealt a single point of damage throughout 800 hours of play.

overwatch-2-reaper 1
Brutal Reaper Fail Makes Overwatch 2 Player Uninstall The Game

One tragic Overwatch 2 clip demonstrates the danger of premature celebration, and leads one Reaper player to uninstall the game completely.

overwatch-junkrat-no-bombs 1
F2P Overwatch 2 Fans Who Have Played Since Launch Can Finally Afford One Legendary Skin

8 months after the game's release, Overwatch 2 players who have exclusively earned coins from weekly challenges can finally afford a legendary skin.

pokemon-scarlet-violet-nemona 1
Pokemon Home Scarlet and Violet Connectivity No Longer Coming on May 24

The Pokemon community's celebrations grind to a halt as The Pokemon Company clarifies that the latest games won't be getting Home support this May.

overwatch-2-tracer-1 1
Overwatch 2 Executive Producer Responds to Backlash Over Canceled PvE Features

Overwatch 2's executive producer is quick to make clarifications following the unfortunate announcement regarding the game's scrapped PvE features.

pokemon-pikachu 1
Pokemon Fan Creates Themed Poke Ball Terrariums

An artistic Pokemon fan hand-makes some Poke Ball terrarium models themed around a few of the franchise's most popular critters.

destiny-2-hunter-strand-2 1
Destiny 2 Player Is Betrayed By Their Own Strand Powers

Strand has kept players entertained since its arrival in Destiny 2, but one of its most controversial abilities is turning against some Guardians.

minecraft-villager 1
Minecraft's Oldest Survival Server Contains a Perplexing Immortal Villager

Minecraft players discover an unexplainable villager on the game's oldest survival server which appears to be immune to all forms of damage.

minecraft-ender-dragon 1
Minecraft Player Destroys Entire End Island by Hand

Minecraft players have used the End realm for some big projects, but one fan takes things a step further by destroying the entire island by hand.

overwatch-2-sigma-starwatch 1
Overwatch 2 Reenables Sigma, Devs Reveal More Fixes On The Way

Sigma is returning to competitive play in Overwatch 2 following a bug that led to him being temporarily removed, and Blizzard hints at further fixes.

minecraft-alex 1
Minecraft Fans Are Getting Nostalgic for One Biome From the Game's Beta

Minecraft has had plenty of biomes come and go over the course of its life, but some veteran fans are nostalgic for a biome from the game's beta.

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