A talented Pokemon fan has just imagined what a hypothetical Mega form for Generation 2’s Meganium would look like. Mega Evolution was introduced to the long-running Pokemon franchise in 2013’s Pokemon X and Y, and grants certain creatures powerful new forms. Unlike standard evolution, Mega forms are temporary, but they allow the Pokemon in question to access incredible new abilities in the short time they are active. As such, Mega Evolution became quite popular among Pokemon fans, and it would pave the way for similar mechanics like Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s time-bending Paradox Pokemon.

Mega Evolution is so popular that certain Pokemon fans have come up with custom Mega forms for creatures that haven’t gotten one in canon yet. Prominent examples include the shape-shifting Deoxys, whose fan-made Mega Evolution combines its many different forms into one powerful creature. Another player devised a Mega form for Toxicroak that bears a striking resemblance to Ash’s Greninja from the Pokemon animated series. Now, one of Generation 2’s Starter Pokemon branches is receiving its own stunning custom Mega form that would surely draw shock and awe on the battlefield.

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Reddit user PhantomLink2782, who has also drawn fusions of various Pokemon and a Mega form for Generation 2’s Typhlosion, recently shared their rendering of a hypothetical Mega Evolution for the Grass-type Meganium. In this new form, Meganium’s pink flower peddles have grown into a larger mane, it has dark green leaves on its legs and tail, and flower buds have formed on the tips of its antennae. It looks more majestic and ferocious overall, and other users have praised PhantomLink2782 for Mega Meganium’s design and color.

These players have also requested that Game Freak add more Mega Evolutions overall, despite the mechanic being downplayed in recent years in favor of new Evolution types like Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Dynamax and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s crystal-like Tera Forms. While there haven’t been any new Mega Evolutions since 2014’s Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire remakes, the existing Mega forms have made appearances in spin-off tiles like Pokemon GO, where they are often the subject of special Raid events.

Fans remain hopeful that the popular Mega Evolution mechanic will return in full in a future Pokemon game, but in the meantime many have tried their hand at making alternate forms for existing creatures like Meganium. The final evolution in Chikorita’s line was already impressive, and PhantomLink2782’s custom Mega form does a great job of making it look even more beautiful and fearsome than ever.

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