Japanese Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players have found an Easter egg they believe references Pokemon Sword and Shield's chronology. It may also be a direct nod to the character Sonia, who plays a key role in the earlier Nintendo Switch games. It's rare for Game Freak to acknowledge the chronology of events in the Pokemon franchise, instead preferring an ambiguity that allows for a more malleable timeline. Yet this Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Easter egg is very direct with its implications.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, the player visits a location named Stow-on-Side. It's a mountain town that's been built around a strange ancient mural covered in colorful paintings of flowers. In an encounter with one of the player's rivals, Bede, the mural crumbles. Behind the mural is a statue featuring two wolves, one with a sword and one with a shield, and two kings behind them. Sonia believes the statue reveals a secret history of the Galar region, one that someone is attempting to prevent others from discovering.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are understandably distinct from Pokemon Sword and Shield, taking place in a different region and likely at a different time. Yet an Easter egg discovered by Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players appears to draw a tenuous connection between the two games. A book found in the Naranja Academy provides a first-hand account of the mural breaking and the discovery of the statues behind it.

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet book specifically mentions the town of Stow-on-Side, an attack from the Copperajah, the Pokemon statues wielding a sword and shield, and the mystery of the Galar region's legendary hero. In other words, it's clearly a reference to Pokemon Sword and Shield. As such, while it isn't explicitly stated, some fans believe the book to have been written by Sonia herself. Sonia and the player weren't the only two people to witness the mural crumbling, but Sonia becomes the Galar region's Pokemon Professor and it would be fair to assume she'd chronicle the events of the games.

This Easter egg appears to confirm that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet follow Pokemon Sword and Shield chronologically. That's likely something players already assumed, but it isn't something officially confirmed by Game Freak. This could be the first direct evidence proving where Pokemon Scarlet and Violet belong in the video game franchise's timeline.

As noted, it's surprisingly rare for Game Freak to reference the events of past installments in new Pokemon games. That makes this Easter egg all the more special. It not only hints at the Pokemon chronology but seems to reference a key Pokemon Sword and Shield character -- even if she isn't named. It might make Pokemon fans wonder what else they may have missed during their Pokemon Scarlet or Violet playthrough.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now on Switch.

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Source: Twitter (via Dexerto)