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The Great Plateau is one of the most iconic locations in Breath of the Wild, and alongside all the other revamps to Hyrule in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Great Plateau got some updates, too. Though still a familiar location, there's a lot that's new about the Great Plateau in Tears of the Kingdom that players might not be expecting.

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Unfortunately, the sequel to Breath of the Wild doesn't give players Link's old abilities at the Great Plateau like it did when it was a tutorial area. However, this location is still worth visiting for more than nostalgia's sake, as there's a unique new quest chain, new Shrines, and the return of a certain Clan who have made Link their number-one enemy.

Where Is The Great Plateau in Tears of the Kingdom?

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Great Plateau Location Breath of the Wild Differences

In Tears of the Kingdom players start out on the Great Sky Island, then drop down smack-dab in the middle of Hyrule Field near Lookout Landing, an area that was once relatively high-level in Breath of the Wild. As such, the Great Plateau is actually a little bit of a journey from the beginning of TOTK, in southwest Hyrule between the Gerudo, Faron, and Hyrule Field areas.

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Players who want to head to the Great Plateau from the beginning of the game should think twice, as it's not nearly as beginner-friendly as it was in Breath of the Wild. However, determined players can head out from Lookout Landing, take the road that leads southwest through a Chasm, and just keep following that road without taking any of the forks. It should turn south, then connect to the middle of a road that spans the Great Plateau's northern cliffs.

The Great Plateau is most easily reached by heading to the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower, which can be found on the road south of Lookout Landing at coordinates (-0754, -1019, 0064). Jump out of the Skyview Tower and aim directly south, and the familiar sight of the Temple of Time and Mount Hylia should pop out like a sore thumb. Once Link completes a short quest that involves draining a lake, he can also access the Great Plateau via a shortcut.

Everything That Has Changed on The Great Plateau

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Great Plateau Location Breath of the Wild Entrance Cave Shrine of Resurrection

A lot has changed on the Great Plateau in the years it's been since Link first stepped out of the Shrine of Resurrection. Though its layout is mostly the same, there are new points of interest, new questlines, and of course new sky and depths areas for players to explore.

The two biggest additions are the Call from the Depths questline and the resurgence of the Yiga Clan in two places players expected it least: the Shrine of Resurrection itself, and the Old Man's Cabin. There are new Shrines, new enemies, and new Korok seeds to track down, too, but these two changes are the most noticeable.

The Yiga Clan at the Shrine of Resurrection & Shack

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Great Plateau Location Yiga Clan Shrine of Resurrection Schema Stone

The Yiga Clan are back in Tears of the Kingdom, and they can be found in two places on the Great Plateau: the Shrine of Resurrection, and the Woodcuter's House, also called the Old Man's House. The Shrine of Resurrection is right up the hill from the Temple of Time behind an overgrown entrance, while the Woodcutter's House is on the southeast of the Great Plateau below the cliffs.

In the Shrine of Resurrection, Link can find a new schematic – a motorcycle-type vehicle that could be a reference to the Breath of the Wild DLC's Master Cycle. In the Old Man's House, Link can find one of Cece's avid fashion designers, who gives Link a Yiga Mask – part of the Yiga Clan armor set, which will let him blend into these enemies when all three pieces are worn.

A Call From The Depths at the Temple of Time

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Great Plateau Location Call From The Depths Quest Temple of Time

The other major change to the Great Plateau is a multi-branching questline that takes place all across the once-tutorial area. Players may have noticed four chasms on the Great Plateau while flying in. After arriving at the Temple of Time, speak to the statue of the Goddess Hylia, where players are directed to find a "statue trapped under the water". Once the water is drained, and players return, the statue asks Link to recover its eyes and throw them down the four chasms.

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What is in the depths beneath the Great Plateau can only be described as one of the creepiest parts of Tears of the Kingdom, but the reward for answering this Call From The Depths is well worth the effort of bringing the real statue its eyes through the Depths. To start this quest, head to the Temple of Time and speak with what looks like a bust of the Goddess Hylia, and get ready for a multi-branching quest to reunite a giant Poe statue with its eyes.

New Shrines, Sky Islands, and Enemies, – and No Guardians

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Great Plateau Location Riogok Shrine Entrance

There are a handful of new Shrines on the Great Plateau – one in the snowy south, one hidden in the side of a cliff in the west, and one that's hidden behind a waterfall close to the center of the area. There are also new enemies, like the aforementioned Yiga Clan, as well as Battle Talus and a handful of other mobs. The Sky Islands can be visited via the Skyview Tower to the north or other, more creative ways to ascend upwards, while the Depths are mostly oriented around the Call From The Depths questline.

There are a few things noticeably missing from the Great Plateau, too. For one, Link doesn't have to worry about any Guardians tracking him down with hit-scan lasers, though he can't get new abilities here, either. King Rhoam won't make an appearance, though some players report seeing a Yiga Clan member impersonating Zelda near the Shrine of Resurrection.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available on the Nintendo Switch.