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Nickolas 'Saz' Davis is a writer, artist, and explorer originally from Asheville, North Carolina. It would be difficult to say where he is now because, by the time you read this, it has likely already changed.

pokemon go water week event sandygast krabby clauncher and crabrawler 1
Pokemon GO Water Week Event: New Pokemon, Raids, and More Revealed

The latest Pokemon GO event is Water Week, which will be debuting new Pokemon, adding new raids, and spawning some rare wild encounters.

pokemon scarlet and violet nintendo switch game covers 1
Pokemon Home Update 3.0.0 Finally Adds Scarlet and Violet Compatibility

The latest Pokemon Home update on Nintendo Switch finally adds the long-awaited ability to transfer from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

final fantasy 15 noctus gladiolus and final fantasy 16 clive 1
Final Fantasy 16 Was Shaped By Final Fantasy 15's Open World Criticism

A new interview sheds light on the fact that criticisms of Final Fantasy 15's open world are ultimately shaping the way Final Fantasy 16 turns out.

square_enix_logo 1
Square Enix Working on New AAA Multiplayer Game for Major IP

A new listing from Square Enix strongly suggests that the company may be actively working on a next-generation multiplayer game for a big franchise.

nintendo switch legend of zelda tears of the kingdom special edition 1
Retro Collector Makes Unbelievable Trade for Tears of the Kingdom Switch

A retro collector's deal on a trade for the new Tears of the Kingdom special edition Nintendo Switch is making some wonder what it's really worth.

pokemon go caution raid art 1
Pokemon GO Fan Shares Idea for Improving Remote Raid Passes

A dedicated Pokemon GO fan is proposing a new idea to potentially improve the Remote Raid Passes that are a little frustrating in their current state.

days gone deacon st john and sarah riding a bike together 1
Days Gone Director 'Bummed Out' by PlayStation Showcase

The director of the PlayStation 4 open world zombie game Days Gone is feeling 'bummed out' after the latest PlayStation Showcase.

ultros cover art 1
Hollow Knight Fans Should Keep an Eye on Ultros

Fans currently waiting on Hollow Knight: Silksong should keep a close eye on the psychedelic Metroidvania game from the PlayStation Showcase, Ultros.

shocked luigi in luigi's mansion 1
Nintendo Blocks Game from Sale at Last Minute

Nintendo is currently blocking a game from release on the Nintendo Switch eShop due to concerns about a negative influence the game may have.

gamestop storefront and link on zelda tears of the kingdom cover 1
All Staff at GameStop Store Quit to Protest Working Conditions on Tears of the Kingdom's Release Day

A GameStop in Michigan loses its entire staff after posting a message saying that they quit to protest the location's poor working conditions.

hank green of vlogbrothers scishow and crash course on youtube 1
Hank Green Has Cancer

A new video from famous YouTuber Hank Green from channels like vlogbrothers and Crash Course reveals his heartbreaking cancer diagnosis.

dark souls 1 and archives entrance unreal engine 5 1
Dark Souls Video Shows What the Game Would Look Like in Unreal Engine 5

A fan-made video shows one of the game’s iconic locales remade with Unreal Engine 5, demonstrating how beautiful a Dark Souls remaster could look.

pokemon ultimate journeys anime and x-men facing off 1
Artist Crosses More Pokemon With X-Men to Create Incredible X-Mon

An artist who previously made Pokemon and X-Men crossover artwork makes even more crossovers further expanding the X-Mon roster.

regidrago pokemon anime legendary generation 8 galar region 1
Pokemon GO Players Want a Major Change to Elite Raids Following Regidrago Event

Many Pokemon GO players are dissatisfied after the frustrating results of the mobile game's latest event to catch generation 8 legendary, Regidrago.

mouse fps fumi games 1
New FPS Looks Like a Cross Between Cuphead and Doom

A new early trailer showcases a game that looks like a strange but potentially amazing mixture of Cuphead's old animation aesthetic and Doom.

smite logo bellona 1
Smite Announces Big VTuber Collab

Smite's announcement of the MOBA's newest collaboration is bringing many of the biggest personalities from a popular VTuber company to the game

crash bandicoot it's about time and call of duty modern warfare 2 covers 1
Call of Duty and Crash Bandicoot Collide in New Free Bundle

Call of Duty launches a free bundle for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 that combines the shooter with the popular Crash Bandicoot franchise.

pikachu original card art pokemon trading card game base set 1
Antiques Roadshow Prices Impressive 1999 Pokemon Card Collection

A recent Antiques Roadshow clip shows off the pricing given to an impressive collection of the original Pokemon Trading Card Game base set.

pokemon go logo next to adventure incense 1
Pokemon GO Player Gets Incredibly Lucky With First Spawn From Daily Adventure Incense

A Pokemon GO player's recent post shows off an extremely unlikely but impressive catch on the first spawn from their Daily Adventure Incense.

call of duty warzone 2 al mazrah and fortnite character 1
Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Clip Highlights ‘Fortnite’ Strategy

A new Call Of Duty: Warzone 2.0 clip shows off a player utilizing a strange "building" technique that seems a lot more similar to Fortnite.

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