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There are several quests in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that involve one of three missing members of the Stable Trotters, including its horn player, drum player, and flute player. Each of the three are needed to wake up the Great Fairies across Hyrule, starting with the one right behind Woodland Stable.

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Each missing musician in Tears of the Kingdom has a unique side quest that Link must finish before they rejoin the rest of the musical troupe, and the flute player's is arguably the easiest if players know where to look. The flute player, appropriately named Pyper, only needs Link to get a handful of bugs that can be found very close by.

Where Is The Flute Player in Tears of the Kingdom?

Zelda Flute Players Plan Walkthrough Location Pyper Tree Stable Trotters

The flute player for the Stable Trotters is found just outside the Highland Stable in Faron at coordinates (0529, -3394, 0057). Recently, there was an accident nearby and a fire got out of control. As it turns out, the fire was caused by Pyper, and now he's in hiding. Pyper wanted to show a girl at the stable, Haite, a glowing tree, but he took a shortcut and ended up causing the accident.

From Highland Stable, head just north and look in the trees for a small boy. As Link gets closer, the sound of a flute being played can be heard, and will get stronger as Link gets closer to the correct tree. Climb up the tree and talk to Pyper to begin this quest – and learn more about his plan to follow through on his promise.

The Flute Player's Plan Quest Walkthrough

Zelda Flute Players Plan Walkthrough Location Pyper Stable Trotters

Pyper asks Link to find 10 Sunset Fireflies so that he can make the glowing tree he promised to show Haite. Sunset Fireflies are pretty common throughout Hyrule, so players can either casually collect them as they adventure elsewhere, or head out to the forest to the north.

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After beginning the quest, Pyper will climb down the tree, making it easier to find him when Link returns. Once all 10 Sunset Fireflies have been collected, players must bring Haite to the tree at night, but she will refuse to leave Highland Stable if it's later than 3 a.m. or if it's raining.

Sunset Firefly Locations Close to Outskirt Stable

Zelda Flute Players Plan Walkthrough Pyper Sunset Firefly Location Forest

There's a very convenient forest just to the north of Highland Stable that's the easiest way to gather Sunset Fireflies en masse. Either head out on the road north until Link reaches the woods, or climb the hill to the north and paraglide down, to find some of the densest collections of Sunset Fireflies in Hyrule.

They look like little green dots from afar, and the fireflies that can be collected remain while other, decorative ones disappear as Link approaches. Remember to equip some Stealth armor, or eat some Stealth-enhancing food or elixirs, before going for Sunset Fireflies as they startle easily.

Zelda Flute Players Plan Walkthrough Pyper Sunset Firefly Location Vendor

Another way to easily get lots of Sunset Fireflies near the Highland Stable is to purchase them from two vendors: Beedle, at the stable, and a traveling merchant named Eryck who can be encountered in the woods to the north. Beedle can sell up to three Sunset Fireflies, while the traveling merchant sells five.

That leaves two more for Link to collect, which should only take a minute or two to find in these woods. Either way, once all 10 Sunset Fireflies are collected, return to Pyper.

Completing The Flute Player's Plan

Zelda Flute Players Plan Walkthrough Pyper Sunset Firefly Haite Outskirt Stable Complete

After heading back and giving Pyper the Sunset Fireflies, the plan can be set into action. Head to the Highland Stable and talk to Haite, who will follow Link outside to the base of the tree where he has been talking to Pyper this whole time (as long as it isn't too late at night or raining). Once Haite is close, a lovely cutscene plays, and Pyper resolves to reunite with the Stable Trotters.

For Link's services in procuring Sunset Fireflies, Pyper gives him a Big Hearty Truffle, which fully heals Hearts and gives additional yellow Hearts when cooked in food. He will also go back to the band, where his flute is needed to wake the Great Fairy Kaysa near the Outskirt Stable.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available on the Nintendo Switch.