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Pokemon GO

After a test run via an April Fools' joke on Google Maps, Pokemon GO was released to the public in the summer of 2016. The AR mobile app saw unparalleled success and continues to be one of the largest mobile games in the world, pulling in billions for developer Niantic.

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iOS, Android
July 6, 2016
Augmented Reality
Online Multiplayer
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Best Water-Types in Pokemon GO 1
10 Best Water-Types In Pokemon GO

These are the most powerful Water-Type Pocket Monsters for Pokemon GO PvP and Raid Battles.

searching for gold research day pokemon go nosepass 1
Pokemon GO: Searching for Gold Research Day Event Guide | Times, Research, and More

Pokemon GO trainers looking forward to the new season (and its events) can use this guide for the 'Searching for Gold Research Day' event.

Pokemon-go-Houndour-hour-event 1
Pokemon GO: Houndour Spotlight Hour Guide (Can Houndour Be Shiny?)

The Houndour Spotlight Hour is happening today in Pokemon GO; here's everything to know about it and if Houndour can be shiny.

Pokemon-Go-Purified-Gems 1
Pokemon GO: How to Fix Purified Gem Not Working

Pokemon GO allows players to use Purified Gems against bosses in battles, but it isn't working for some players; here is how to fix it.

pokemon go water week event sandygast krabby clauncher and crabrawler 1
Pokemon GO Water Week Event: New Pokemon, Raids, and More Revealed

The latest Pokemon GO event is Water Week, which will be debuting new Pokemon, adding new raids, and spawning some rare wild encounters.

Best Rock-Types in Pokemon GO 1
10 Best Rock-Types in Pokemon GO

Here are Pokemon GO's 10 most powerful Rock-type Pocket Monsters for raids and PvP battles.

Pokemon Go and Legends Arceus in the background of purification gem 1
Pokemon GO's Purified Gems Share an Interesting Connection With Legends: Arceus

Pokemon GO added Shadow Pokemon as Raid bosses, and players can use several items to make it easier to catch them, similar to Legends: Arceus.

Web Store in Pokemon GO 1
Pokemon GO Web Store: How to Get Bonus PokeCoins

Here's everything about the new Pokemon GO Web Store and the amount of bonus PokeCoins for each purchase.

Flying-type in Pokemon GO 1
10 Best Flying-Types in Pokemon GO

Among the various Dragon-types in Pokemon GO, these are the most powerful ones to use in PvP and raids.

pokemon go caution raid art 1
Pokemon GO Fan Shares Idea for Improving Remote Raid Passes

A dedicated Pokemon GO fan is proposing a new idea to potentially improve the Remote Raid Passes that are a little frustrating in their current state.

Best Psychic-types in Pokemon GO 1
10 Best Psychic-Types in Pokemon GO

Check out this list to learn about the most powerful Psychic-types to use in Pokemon GO for PvP and raids.

Pokemon-Go-Shadows-event 1
Pokemon GO: Rising Shadows Event Guide

Pokemon GO is hosting a Rising Shadows Event, and this guide will tell players all the information they need to know about it.

Shadow Mewtwo in Pokemon GO 1
Pokemon GO: Shadow Mewtwo Raid Counters, Weaknesses, & More

A guide to Pokemon GO's Shadow Mewtwo raid counters, weaknesses, resistances, and more.

pokemon-go-player-gets-incredibly-lucky-during-shadow-raid 1
Pokemon GO Player Gets Incredibly Lucky During Shadow Raid

A Pokemon GO player gets incredibly lucky during a Shadow Raid and shows other players an amazing catch made during the Rising Shadows event.

pokemon-scarlet-and-violet-wishlist-jirachi 1
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Should Cross One Item Off Players' Wish List

There are many aspects from spin-off games that have yet to appear in a mainline entry, but Pokemon Scarlet and Violet could introduce a popular one.

Pokemon-GO-Shadow-Shards-Purified-Gem 1
Pokemon GO: How to Get and Use Shadow Shards and Purified Gems

Players have started collecting Shadow Shards and Purified Gems in Pokemon GO, here's how to use them.

Pokemon Go Master Ball 1
Pokemon GO: How To Get and Use Master Ball

Master Balls are a new item in Pokemon GO that players can use to get any Pokemon, here's how they work and how to get them.

Delphox-Pokemon-GO 1
Pokemon GO: Best Moveset for Delphox

For Pokemon GO players that now have a Delphox in storage, here are the best moves to set on the Fennekin evolution.

lets-go-event-pokemon-go-ditto-meltan-machoke 1
Pokemon Go: Let's Go Special Research Tasks and Rewards

Pokemon GO's 'Let's Go' Special Research has now reached its final step, and players can earn a Master Ball by completing them all.

Pokemon GO Mega Altaria Raid 1
Pokemon GO: Mega Altaria Raid Counters, Weaknesses, & More

Encounter a Shiny Mega Altaria in the Pokemon GO Mega Altaria raid, this guide has a list of powerful counters to defeat the Mega Raid Boss.