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Drew Swanson

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About Drew Swanson

Drew Swanson is a lifelong gamer with a passion for a variety of genres. A connoisseur of everything from JRPGs and Soulslikes, to niche indie tites and horror games, he finds joy in favorites such as Elden Ring, Persona, Pokemon, Resident Evil, and more. Aside from his professional writing, Drew is also an avid artist and creates fan art for his favorite games on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

persona-5-cast-new-p5t-game-rumor 1
What The Rumored 'P5T' Persona 5 Spin-Off Could Be

Although it's just a rumor, the recent registration of the P5T domain in Japan suggests Atlus could have another Persona 5 spin-off in development.

diablo-4-beta-server-slam-ashava-rewards 1
Every Diablo 4 Server Slam and Beta Reward Players Will be Able to Claim on Launch

Diablo 4 offered beta and Server Slam participants a variety of different rewards for completing certain challenges that players can claim at launch.

fallout-red-dead-redemption-similar-themes 1
The Fallout Franchise Has More in Common with Red Dead Redemption Than You Think

Despite having very different settings, the Fallout and Red Dead Redemption franchises share a lot of their key elements in common with one another.

metal-gear-solid-naked-snake-solid-snake-differences 1
Metal Gear Solid Delta: How are Solid Snake and Naked Snake Different?

Though similar in name, the protagonist of Metal Gear Solid Delta, Naked Snake, is different from the more iconic character of the series Solid Snake.

xbox-series-x-xbox-one-failure 1
Why the Xbox Series X Can't Go the Way of the Xbox One

Controversy surrounding the Xbox One prior to launch put Microsoft in a tough position that the Xbox Series X threatens to put the company in again.

diablo-4-which-class-is-right-for-you 1
Which Diablo 4 Class is Best For You?

Players will have the option to choose between five different classes when Diablo 4 launches, and each has their own unique mechanics and play style.

last-of-us-multiplayer-joel-ellie-disappointed 1
The Last of Us Multiplayer's Latest Update is Disappointing, But It Also Makes Sense

After missing out on the PlayStation Showcase, Naughty Dog shares some unfortunate but unsurprising news about The Last of Us multiplayer game.

foamstars-splatoon-clone-inkling 1
Foamstars Could Usher in an Era of Splatoon Clones Like Pokemon

Much like the massively popular Pokemon franchise, Splatoon's success may lead to its own subgenre of shooters being led by Square Enix's Foamstars.

plucky-squire-paper-mario-similar 1
The Plucky Squire Takes Paper Mario to The Next Level

The Plucky Squire from All Possible Futures and Devolver Digital showed just how it's building on the Paper Mario formula at the PlayStation Showcase.

diablo-4-lilith-launch-classes-popularity 1
Diablo 4's Launch is Going to be a Neck and Neck Race Between Two Classes

Despite offering five total classes to players at launch, Diablo 4 has two standout classes that could be the most popular choices on release.

alan-wake-2-typewriter-digital-only 1
Alan Wake 2's Digital Exclusivity is a Double-Edged Sword

While Alan Wake 2's digital exclusivity might turn some players off from the game, it could also score some points among fans with other benefits.

metal-gear-solid-collection-volume-1-announcement 1
Metal Gear Solid's Collection is a Step Toward Fixing One Big Problem

Konami's announcement of the Metal Gear Solid Collection Vol. 1 sets the stage for another game in the franchise to get a much-needed re-release.

pokemon-fairy-types-gardevoir-xerneas-tinkaton 1
Fairy Pokemon Tier List

Fairy may be the newest type to the Pokemon series, but the power and charm it boasts makes many of these critters quite popular with fans.

pokemon-scarlet-and-violet-wishlist-jirachi 1
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Should Cross One Item Off Players' Wish List

There are many aspects from spin-off games that have yet to appear in a mainline entry, but Pokemon Scarlet and Violet could introduce a popular one.

pokemon-dragon-types-garchomp-rayquaza-goodra 1
Dragon Pokemon Tier List

The Pokemon series is full of powerful creatures, but none are as fearsome as the Dragon type who have seen a massive growth in numbers since Gen 1.

like-a-dragon-gaiden-kiryu-what-to-expect 1
What to Expect From Like a Dragon Gaiden

Expectations for Like a Dragon Gaiden are high for a spin-off title, as the game aims to fill in the gap between several parts of the franchise.

horizon-forbidden-west-sequel-new-animals-as-machines 1
Unused Animals That Would Make Great Machines in Horizon 3

With Horizon Forbidden West's sequel confirmed by Guerilla Games, there are a lot of unused animals that could appear as machines in this next entry.

animal-crossing-new-villager-species 1
New Villager Types That Would Be Perfect for Animal Crossing

The Animal Crossing series is know for its diverse cast of villager species, but there are still many more animal types that future games could add.

pokemon-scarlet-and-violet-tcg-set 1
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet TCG's Most Valuable Cards

The Pokemon TCG's first expansion featuring Gen 9 mons from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has a series of valuable cards collectors are looking for.

tears-of-the-kingdom-elden-ring-link-caelid 1
How Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Turns a Big Elden Ring Feature on Its Head

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom shares a lot in common with Elden Ring, however the two games differ when it comes to one important element.

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