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Minecraft is a sandbox video game that puts players in procedurally generated worlds and offers them no guidance whatsoever in where to go or what to do, creating a sense of freedom that was unparalleled in 2011.  Minecraft has gone on to become the highest-selling video game of all time.

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Some of the best Magic Mods in Minecraft  1
Minecraft: 10 Best Magic Mods You Need To Try

Minecraft is a bit limited on the magical front, but these magic mods for Mojang's sandbox masterpiece are the perfect spice to remedy that.

Some Minecraft Combat Mods You Need to Know 1
Minecraft: 7 Best Combat Mods You Need To Know

Want to get more out of Minecraft combat? These mods can make combat feel like any other game out there, and make it an unforgettable experience.

minecraft trails and tales suspicious gravel pottery brush pitcher hanging sign 1
Minecraft Trails and Tales' Archaeology Mechanic is Hopefully Just Getting Started

Minecraft will soon implement archaeology as a new loot system, and while it's off to a good start, Mojang can still go the extra mile.

the best light-hearted open-world games 1
10 Best Lighthearted Open-World Games

For the players looking to have some lighthearted fun in open world games, these are the best picks.

Ark: Survival Evolved, Dead Island and Animal Crossing are some of the 13 Best gamaes set on an abandoned Island 1
13 Best Games Set On An Abandoned Island

These great games cover a wide range of genres but all have one thing in common: they're set on abandoned islands.

Screenshot from Minecraft showing a very realistic looking tree. 1
Minecraft Player Attempts to Make the Game Look Like Real Life

Someone attempts to do the unthinkable and turn Minecraft into something that looks like reality, which goes against the game's simplistic visuals.

LoL, Kirby. Spelunky 2 1
10 Games That Can End Life-Long Friendships

While cooperative games are fun at first for a group of friends, with enough stress and anger, these games could break a friendship easily.

divinity: original sin 2, borderlands, and destiny 2 1
10 Best 4-Player Co-Op Games

A group of friends can find hours of fun with the following co-op games.

minecraft-inception-mind-bending-build (1) 1
Minecraft Player Creates Incredible Mind-Bending City Inspired by Inception

A Minecraft player shows off their incredible build online, a mind-bending city inspired by the Christopher Nolan film Inception.

minecraft-trails-tales-update-gets-release-date-gamerant 1
Minecraft Trails and Tales Update Finally Gets Release Date

It's a good day for Minecraft players, as Mojang finally announces the release date for the long-awaited Trails and Tales update.

Minecraft-Nightingale 1
Nightingale’s Dimension System Could Spice Up Minecraft’s End

Mojang could adopt Nightingale's realm card system to improve Minecraft's End dimension by giving players more control over its generation.

minecraft yacht grand theft auto online 1
Minecraft Player Builds GTA Online's Most Expensive Yacht

A highly creative and dedicated Minecraft player recreates one of the most extravagant locales from Grand Theft Auto Online.

Games With Great Star Wars Mods 1
7 Games With Great Star Wars Mods

Star Wars fans can experience hours of fun with these amazing mods for other games.

minecraft mojang feature 1
It's Time for Mojang to Revive a Scrapped Minecraft Concept

With all of the fresh content that gets added to Minecraft, Mojang should consider reviving an older scrapped feature with tons of potential.

Image from a modded version of Minecraft showing the walls have been formed with white dots. 1
Minecraft Player Turns the Game Into a Trippy Horror Experience

Someone decides that Minecraft could do with a dose of horror, so they mod the game, drawing inspiration from an unlikely indie title.

Minecraft Sniffers 1
Minecraft: 7 Things You Need To Know About Sniffers

Minecraft's latest update 1.20 has given players some great new gameplay like archaeology, but it also provides a new mob in the Sniffer.

minecraft home decoration furniture 1
One Long Overdue Minecraft Feature Would Make Homes a Lot More Immersive

The complexity of Minecraft increases with each passing update, but it is high-time for the title to add a simple feature that would change homes.

Minecraft-End-Portal 1
Minecraft: The Case for an End Update After 1.20 Trails and Tales

Minecraft 1.20 is set to update Overworld features, but the End still feels like an empty dimension that does not offer anything new.

Minecraft Camels 1
Minecraft: 7 Things You Need To Know About Camels

Minecraft Update 1.20 has been released and includes plenty of exciting features, including the new mob, the camel.

minecraft amethyst-1 1
Minecraft Trails and Tales' Sculk Features are Just What Amethyst Needed

Minecraft's upcoming Trails and Tales update is set to introduce a lot, and it will give a much-needed boost to the uses of the game's amethyst.