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I like a variety of games, but I really enjoy platformers. I’m also a big fan of Halo and Apex Legends. When I’m not playing my favorite games, I’m often listening to their soundtracks. I have a degree in English from the University of Toledo.

minecraft-villager-talking-bubbles-fan-datapack 1
Minecraft Player Comes Up With Clever Idea to Make Villagers Better

Villagers, passive mobs in Minecraft, receive a new feature that makes them more engaging thanks to a clever idea implemented by one gamer.

timthetatman-overwatch-2-ruined-pve 1
TimTheTatman Reveals What He Thinks ‘Ruined’ the Overwatch Series

Following the news of the canceled PvE campaign for Overwatch 2, TimTheTatman weighs in on what he thinks ‘ruined’ the series.

elden-ring-raya-lucaria-academy-minecraft 1
Elden Ring Fan Builds Raya Lucaria Academy in Minecraft

Raya Lucaria Academy, one of the legacy dungeons from Elden Ring, is recreated in stunning detail in Minecraft thanks to one fan.

stardew-valley-logo-starry-sky-room 1
Stardew Valley Fan Shows Off Amazing Room With a View of a Starry Sky

An artistic Stardew Valley player gives one of their rooms a stunning renovation, turning it into a perfect place to look at the stars.

pokemon-rayquaza-non-legendary-fan-art 1
Pokemon Fan Art Imagines What Rayquaza Would Look Like As a Non-Legendary

Rayquaza, a legendary Pokemon introduced in Gen 3, receives a new look after one creative artist ‘unlegendarifies’ its classic design.

zelda-tears-of-the-kingdom-link 1
Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Producer Reveals How Many Times He Has Beaten the Game

The producer of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom talks about his experience playing the game, noting the number of times he has finished the story.

game-boy-collection-nostalgia 1
Gamer Shows Off Incredibly Nostalgic Game Boy Collection

The impressive legacy of the Game Boy and its many classic games is on full display in one collection made by a passionate gamer.

minecraft-note-blocks-five-nights-at-freddys 1
Minecraft Player Recreates Popular Song Using Hundreds of Note Blocks

A gamer recreates a popular song in Minecraft thanks to hundreds of note blocks, and the end result is impressive, to say the least.

pokemon-scarlet-violet-miraidon-monster-hunter-makeover 1
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan Gives Miraidon a Monster Hunter-Style Makeover

A Pokemon fan blends the worlds of Monster Hunter and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet together, thanks to their latest fan art featuring Miraidon.

charizard-pokemon-controller-stands 1
Pokemon Fan Creates Awesome Charizard Controller Stands

Charizard is made into controller stands by one talented Pokemon fan, making the fan art functional in addition to being visually impressive.

bowser-fairly-oddparents-butch-hartman-drawing 1
Butch Hartman Draws Bowser in the Fairly Oddparents Style

Butch Hartman makes another impressive drawing for fans in the style of the Fairly Oddparents, this time including Mario’s arch-nemesis Bowser.

flygon-pokemon-fan-animation 1
Pokemon Fan Makes Impressive Flygon Animation

Flygon is the star of one Pokemon fan's impressive animation, and the clip does not disappoint, showing the pocket monster in flight.

gamer-nostalgic-video-game-collection-consoles 1
Gamer Shows Off Nostalgic Collection of Video Games and Consoles

One nostalgic gamer shows off an impressive ‘gaming corner' that includes numerous retro titles, classic consoles, and interesting accessories.

GameStop Logo Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deal 1
GameStop Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deal Includes Many Popular Games

GameStop's latest Buy 1, Get 1 Free deal lets gamers get impressive deals on popular games for PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.

Reinhardt and Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2 Combo Play 1
Overwatch 2 Play Reveals Incredible Reinhardt Combo With Lifeweaver

A Reinhardt player pulls off an incredible play during a game of Overwatch 2, thanks to the assistance of a friendly Lifeweaver teammate.

Minecraft Key Art Tower of Orthanc Lord of the Rings 1
Minecraft Player Builds Incredible Tower Inspired by Lord of the Rings

A famous structure from the Lord of the Rings is given a new but familiar look in Minecraft thanks to the talents of one gamer.

Pokemon Arceus Mecha Version fan art 1
Pokemon Fan Creates Impressive Mecha Version of Arceus

An artistic Pokemon fan creates a new mecha version of Arceus, revealing what the Mythical Pokemon would look like as a machine.

NICKMERCS hackers jail 1
Twitch Streamer NICKMERCS Says Hackers in Competitive Games Should Go to Jail

NICKMERCS has some strong words for those who cheat in competitive video games, saying they should be sent to jail for their actions.

Minecraft Logo and Characters Taco Bell 1
Minecraft Player Builds a Taco Bell in an Unusual In-Game Location

One creative Minecraft player reveals what a Taco Bell would look like in the game, building their unusual creation in an even odder location.

Koffing Pokemon real-life model 1
Pokemon Fan Reveals What a Real-Life Version of Koffing Would Look Like

One Pokemon fan makes a realistic model of the Poison-type Koffing, revealing how grotesque the design of the Pokemon really is.

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