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Paolo is a marketing content writer by day and a hardstuck Bronze Overwatch player by night. He's usually cycling or drinking coffee when AFK.

Fenrir in the Operation Dread Factor trailer 1
Why Rainbow Six Siege's New Fenrir Character is Called Fenrir

Rainbow Six Siege's newest operator is named Fenrir, a reference to Norse mythology which may explain his fate in the game's lore.

Project Leonardo Controller by PlayStation 1
Everything Revealed So Far About PlayStation's New Project Leonardo Controller

PlayStation's Project Leonardo Controllers can make gaming more inclusive for anybody who has motor disabilities and impairments.

SF6 Art featuring Chun Li and Ryu 1
Why Street Fighter 6’s Modern Control Scheme is a Game Changer

Street Fighter 6's modern controls are designed to make supers easier for beginners, but pros are also seeing its value in competitive play.

Pokemon Go and Legends Arceus in the background of purification gem 1
Pokemon GO's Purified Gems Share an Interesting Connection With Legends: Arceus

Pokemon GO added Shadow Pokemon as Raid bosses, and players can use several items to make it easier to catch them, similar to Legends: Arceus.

Penny on a plaza in Mesagoza 1
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Penny Has a Lot in Common with a Sword and Shield Character

Penny from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet originally hails from Galar, which may explain why she looks like one of the characters from that region.

Terrible Tornado Kiriko Skin in Overwatch 2 1
Overwatch 2's Next Collaboration is Already Better Than One-Punch Man in a Key Way

Overwatch 2's One Punch Man event was a success, but it lacked one key element that the game's next collaboration will definitely have.

Overwatch 2 Cupid Hanzo Skin from Loverwatch Event 1
Overwatch 2's Questwatch Event Should Avoid One Big Loverwatch Issue

Overwatch 2's Loverwatch was well-received, but it had one big issue that the game should avoid for future events like Questwatch.

Illustration of Overwatch 2 roster 1
The Most Important Part of Overwatch 2's PvE Mode Survived Being Scrapped

Overwatch 2's co-op PvE mode may be canceled, but its most important element will be repurposed for future content, according to developers.

Official art of Street Fighter 6's Kimberley 1
Street Fighter 6 Kimberly's Story and Gameplay Breakdown

Like her teacher Guy, Street Fighter 6's Kimberly is a ninja who's all about standing out, from her unique design to her flashy super arts.

Official art of Street Fighter 6's Luke 1
Street Fighter 6 Luke's Story and Gameplay Breakdown

Luke Sullivan seems to be the future of Street Fighter, as evidenced by his story and all-rounder gameplay in the upcoming Street Fighter 6.

id Software may be helping in the development of Starfield's combat system 1
Why id Software Assisting with Starfield Just Makes Sense

Fans are speculating that id Software may be working with Bethesda for Starfield's combat system, and it wouldn't be a surprise if they are.

Official art for Overwatch 2's Starwatch and Junkenstein's Revenge events 1
Overwatch 2’s Starwatch Mode Shares a Strength With Junkenstein’s Revenge

Overwatch 2's Starwatch game mode has a few storytelling elements adapted from the ever-popular Junkenstein's Revenge Halloween event.

Official art of Honkai Star Rail's Seele 1
The Pros and Cons of Honkai Star Rail's Pity System Explained

Honkai Star Rail's pity system can be generous at giving out four to five-star drops, but it may still need a few improvements.

The Sims and Spy x Family characters side-by-side 1
The Sims 5 Could Appease Spy x Family Fans by Revamping a Family From 2010

The Sims franchise loves referencing pop culture, so parodying Spy x Family in The Sims 5 wouldn't be a problem with one family from 2010.

Official art of Overwatch 2 Team 1
One Overwatch 2 Hero is in Desperate Need of More Lore, and It's Not Who You Think

This Overwatch 2 hero's journey, from their backstory to the events of Zero Hour, should be told through a PvE mission or book.

XDefiant Dedsec 1
XDefiant: Everything You Need to Know About the DedSec Faction

XDefiant's DedSec faction features hacking and crowd control abilities for players who like getting inside their enemy's head.

Marvel's Spider-Man swinging from his web 1
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Has a Chance to Poke Fun at a Comic Character Everyone Hates

Peter and MJ's relationship may get rocky again in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, which would be perfect for a certain comic character to swoop in.

Honkai Star Rail Trailblazer with garbage can 1
Honkai Star Rail's Trash Cans are the Perfect In-Game Troll

The twinkling trash cans of Belobog in Honkai Star Rail hold a lot of secrets and even some treasures for curious Trailblazers.

Official art of XDefiant's Cleaners Faction 1
XDefiant: Everything You Need to Know About the Cleaners Faction

XDefiant's Cleaners are damage dealers that specialize in area denial using their incendiary rounds and napalm-spreading abilities.

Overwatch 2 Summer Games and Destiny 2 Guardian Games 1
Overwatch 2 Can Have Its Own Guardian Games Like Destiny 2

Overwatch 2 could take a page from Destiny 2's book and pit its damage, support, and tank roles against each other for rewards and bragging rights.

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