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Kiona Delana Jones

TV/Movie Features Writer

About Kiona Delana Jones

When Kiona isn't creating online content on the latest TV shows or movies, they love nerding out on all things Star Trek. Their work is published on FilmDaily & The Nerd Stash.

lotr elves 1
What Happened to Elrond After Lord of the Rings?

Elrond sent the fellowship of Lord of the Rings off to destroy the One Ring and when they emerged victorious, he began a journey of his own.

Fight Club (Still Image) 1
Fight Club Ending, Explained

The shocking ending of Fight Club left many viewers so confused that they're still trying to figure out its intended message.

dcu avengers 1
The DCU Should Mirror Marvel's Phase 1 (But Not How People Think)

Are DCU fans ready for the next stage of team-ups to focus on villains instead of heroes? They won't know until they find out!

WandaVision Monica Rambeau Teyonah Parris 1
The Marvels: Monica Rambeau's Powers Explained

Fans are excited to see Monica Rambeau blazing a new path as Photon in the next phase of Marvel movies. Where will The Marvels take her next?

lotr tom bombadil 1
LOTR: Which Characters Are Not Tempted by the Ring?

The One Ring corrupted almost everyone it came into contact with, but somehow never stood a chance against this mysterious LOTR character.

star trek tng bat'leth 1
Star Trek: What Is A Bat'leth?

The Klingons are born warriors who take battle very, very seriously. Here's how they made the bat'leth one of Star Trek's most iconic weapons.

changelings in star trek 1
Star Trek: Who Are The Founders?

Not much is known about the Founders of the Dominion, aside from the chaos they stirred in Star Trek while trying to enforce galactic order.

Jason Momoa under water as Aquaman side shot 1
Is Aquaman 2 Being Set Up To Fail?

Early screening reactions are pouring in for Aquaman 2 and it's not looking good for the sequel. Is James Wan heading toward a box-office flop?

jem'hadar 1
Star Trek: The Jem'Hadar, Explained

The Jem’Hadar may have been the scariest species in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but they also had the saddest backstory in the franchise.

star trek ds9 miles o'brien 1
Star Trek: Miles O'Brien's Time Travel, Explained

In Star Trek DS9, Chief Engineer Miles O'Brien once went toe-to-toe with time itself. Here's why it was one of the coolest moments in the franchise!

star trek ds9 elim garak 1
Star Trek: Was Garak A Spy Or A Simple Tailor?

On any given day, Garak was either just a shop owner or someone with a devious past. Nevertheless, Star Trek fans had fun trying to figure him out.

star trek ds9 bajor 1
Star Trek: Bajor, Explained

Bajor is more than its suffering and has a rich history that predates its first introduction into Star Trek. What makes this planet so remarkable?

star trek ds9 orbs 1
Star Trek: Orbs of the Prophets, Explained

The Orbs of the Prophets caused a lot of drama in Star Trek, from time travel shenanigans to unearthing deep dark secrets. What made them so special?

superman legacy rachel brosnahan lois lane 1
Superman: Legacy - Rachel Brosnahan Would Make a Great Lois Lane

From the comedy stage to the world of superheroes, here's the scoop on why Superman: Legacy might be casting Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane!

star trek t'pring 1
Star Trek
Star Trek: How is T’Pring Different In Strange New Worlds?

T'Pring was introduced in Star Trek: The Original Series as an antagonist, but she's much more interesting in Strange New Worlds.

spock and kirk on a past earth 1
Star Trek: How Are Vulcans Different From Humans?

Star Trek has always defined Vulcans by their rigid dedication to logic, but what other traits make them stand out from Humans?

star wars disney 1
Star Wars: Disney Still Hasn't Learned How To Handle The Franchise

Unfortunately for Disney, Star Wars fatigue is starting to hit even the most dedicated fans right when the franchise is entering a new era.

Brendan Gleeson as Alastor Moody. Natalia Tena as Nymphadora Tonks. 1
Harry Potter: What is an Auror?

The Aurors of Harry Potter stand up against all types of villains to maintain order in the Wizarding World and look really cool in the process.

star trek ds9 bajor 1
Star Trek: Prophets of Bajor, Explained

To some, they were wormhole aliens and to others, they were the Prophets of the Celestial Temple. What's the truth about these Star Trek deities?

Star Trek USS Defiant 1
Star Trek: USS Defiant, Explained

The USS Defiant has traveled at warp speeds to achieve its legendary status in the Star Trek universe. What makes this battleship so special?

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