As June draws near, Blizzard pulled back the curtain on what World of Warcraft: Dragonflight players can earn this coming month at the Trading Post. Since its introduction in Patch 10.0.5, the Trading Post has given players a way to earn cosmetic rewards just by trying different aspects of World of Warcraft that the game has to offer.

However, one of the promises of the Trading Post has yet to be kept. At the time of writing, no rewards that have appeared in previous months have made a reappearance. The June slate of rewards looks to continue that trend, meaning World of Warcraft players will have very little time to claim or freeze any of the May Trading Post rewards before the new cycle begins. Nonetheless, the June slate of Traveler's Log tasks and Trader's Tender rewards look to give casual players an easier time compared to May.

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World of Warcraft players that earn 1,000 Traveler's Log points in June, the main Trading Post reward will be Quawks, can get a purple parrot mount. However, for players that are sitting on a pile of Trader's Tenders, the most expensive item on this month's slate of rewards is the Cindermane Charger, which can be obtained for 900 Trader's Tenders. Following that is another mount, the Royal Swarmer, which can be purchased for 800 Trader's Tenders. This means that three mounts can be obtained via the Trading Post in June. But, getting all of them means that players will need to have saved up some Trader's Tenders beforehand, or freeze one to be carried over into the future. While this move may not sit well with critics of the World of Warcraft Trading Post, only time will tell how players will work around this conundrum.

However, World of Warcraft players will have plenty of options for earning more Trader's Tenders throughout the month via the Traveler's Log. Much like before, active World of Warcraft subscribers claim 500 Trader's Tenders for free at the start of the month. Players can earn 250 Traveler's Log points by defeating a Loot Goblin while the Diablo 4 Greedy Emissary crossover event remains active. The event concludes in two weeks, on June 15.

Other tasks on the list include taking part in Fyrakk Assaults, completing Mists of Pandaria Timewalking dungeons, and participating in the Midsummer Fire Festival holiday in the second half of the month. Plus, fans of the Dragonriding feature can earn 100 points by taking part in solo races. All in all, World of Warcraft players will have plenty of methods towards getting their Traveler's Logs filled this June.

World of Warcraft is available now for PC.

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