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Joshua is a lifelong film buff, D&D enthusiast, tournament winning Smash Bros. player and extremely passionate writer. He also has a BS in Psychology.

darth maul elden ring 1
Star Wars: The Shadow Collective, Explained

One of the franchise's least-loved villains returned from the grave to take over one of its most violent planets.

Dani_has_a_panic_attack_in_Midsommar 1
The Daylight Horror Subgenre, Explained

This enduringly popular trope exploits the false sense of security we all feel when the sun shines brightly in the sky.

funniest-movie-deaths-arab-swordsman-raiders-of-the-lost-ark 1
The Boring But Practical Trope In Fiction, Explained

A flashy solution rarely solves problems. Sometimes the real answer happens to be big, dull, and obvious.

zola catws Cropped 1
The Brain Uploading Trope In Science Fiction, Explained

Of all the ill-advised ways to cheat death, some choose to download their consciousness into a sturdier form.

King Thranduil 1
What Did Thranduil Do Between The Hobbit And Lord Of The Rings?

The ruler of the Elves in Mirkwood was a minor character in The Hobbit, but he gets a lot more to do in modern adaptations of the story.

Levar Burton as Geordi La Forge 1
Star Trek: How Does Geordi La Forge's Visor Work?

LeVar Burton's beloved Next Generation character is known for his strange eyewear, but how does that classic piece of tech function?

Frankenstein-DC-Comics 1
Creature Commandos: Who Is Eric Frankenstein?

The upcoming DCU debut of this team of monsters will feature Frankenstein's Monster, but his name is causing some confusion.

Star Trek Sovereign Class Starship 1
Star Trek: What Are The Different Types Of Torpedoes?

When Starfleet needs to do battle with an enemy ship, they have a variety of self-propelled explosives at their disposal.

Star-Trek-romulan-war-1 1
Star Trek: Disruptors, Explained

This classic sci-fi series isn't about violence, but that doesn't mean the people of the universe are unarmed.

super-skrull-marvel Cropped 1
Secret Invasion: What Is The Skrull Homeworld?

The shape-shifting aliens invading Earth must be invading for a reason. Where do they come from, and why are they here?

DC Creature Commandos 1
Creature Commandos: Who Is Doctor Phosphorus?

This lesser-known Batman villain will be joining the crew of classic monsters in their upcoming DCU debut.

machine-movie Cropped 1
The Machine Review

This adaptation of Bert Kreischer's most iconic standup routine delivers some solid punchlines, entertaining action, and the slightest hint of heart.

imageAndorian 1
Star Trek: The Andorian Race, Explained

These blue-skinned aliens have changed a lot since their debut in the sixties.

stalker-movie-1979 Cropped 1
Fans Of The Stalker Video Game Series Should Watch The Sci-Fi Movie That Inspired It

With S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 on the horizon, take a trip back to the beginning with Andrei Tarkovsky's 1979 classic

transcendence-movive Cropped 1
Johnny Depp Starred In This Infamous Sci-Fi Flop

Released in 2014, Transcendence is one of the worst-received films of the era. Critics hated it, audiences avoided it, and it didn't deserve better.

Possessor-movie Cropped 1
Possessor Ending, Explained

Brandon Cronenberg's second feature is one of the most compelling body horror films of the last decade.

lemon and tangerine bullet train Cropped 1
The Gambit Pileup Trope, Explained

When one character has an intricate scheme, it can be fun. When everyone has one, it can become a bit of a mess.

willow-show-7 Cropped 1
Why Is Disney Plus Removing Willow?

After only six months, the legacy sequel to Ron Howard's 1988 fantasy film is being removed from its only home. What does Disney stand to gain?

Sonic, Tails, Rouge, Knuckles, and Amy in Sonic Prime 1
Sonic Prime Season 1 Ending, Explained

This Netflix adaptation of the beloved Blue Blur ended on a cliffhanger, but fans can rest assured knowing he's racing back to resolve it soon.

RJ in The Thing 1
The "They Look Like Us Now" Trope in Science Fiction, Explained

Horrific aliens and dangerous robots may look scary, but they can be a lot more frightening when they take on more familiar forms.

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