Roots of Pacha is back on Steam after being unavailable for around two weeks. The title originally garnered a very good reception on Steam, only to be delisted due to a dispute between its publisher and developer, which only recently ended.

The Stardew Valley-like farming sim Roots of Pacha made a fairly successful debut on April 25, achieving 93% positive reviews on Steam. However, Roots of Pacha was removed from Steam around two weeks ago. At the time, the game’s developer Soda Den affirmed that the company was in a dispute about the game’s rights with the publisher Crytivo, which in turn accused the devs of unilaterally breaking the deal they had after working on the title together for around three years. The details of the disagreements were not made public, though, as both companies decided to solve their issues behind closed doors.

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Now, the Stone Age farming sim Roots of Pacha has returned to Steam after the disputes between Soda Den and Crytivo have been solved. A few days ago, Crytivo announced the end of the feud, stating that both companies decided to “part ways amicably” in ways that would benefit both of them. Again, the details of the negotiation were not disclosed to the public.

Players can befriend wild animals, fish, mine, and plant crops in Roots of Pacha, just like they would in any similar game. The main twist, however, is the Stone Age setting, as well as some mechanics for discovering new tools and helping the player’s clan to evolve technologically over time. Also, there’s a slightly stronger focus on exploring the environment than in games like Stardew Valley, which are more about making friends with the people from the village. Roots of Pacha, however, is not devoid of social aspects. In the game, players can invite people from other clans to join them.

Gamers who can’t wait to play other farming sim titles may also be interested in a new medieval fantasy game called Mirthwood that was announced around the time Roots of Pacha was being canned from Steam. Mirthwood is set to combine the joy of growing crops on a farm with exploring six different areas in an original fantasy setting. Something that sets this game apart from the competition is the emphasis on fighting enemies, gathering experience, and leveling up the character in the same manner that players would do in a traditional RPG, which adds another layer of depth to the game.

Roots of Pacha is available for PC.

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