A talented Pokemon fan reimagined Slowpoke Well and shared the impressive result with other fans. The Pokemon franchise doesn't just have critters that have become fan favorites, or famous characters like Brock and Misty. Over the years, Pokemon accumulated many landmarks, in some cases eternalizing moments in the franchise.

The Mount Coronet in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl is a place where legends say the entire Sinnoh region originated. The highest mountain in Sinnoh, Arceus created Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina at the Spear Pillar, which sits on the peak of Mount Coronet. Gen 3 also has interesting locations like Sootopolis, a city built inside the crater of an underwater volcano that erupted and rose out of the sea, eventually filling with rainwater. Another place often remembered by Pokemon fans is the spooky Lavender Town, where one of the saddest moments in Pokemon takes place.

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Reddit user jamiedrummond shared the amazing fan art that reimagines the Slowpoke Well from Pokemon Gold and Silver. The Slowpoke Well is an artificial cave located in Azalea Town that is home to a variety of wild Pokemon, most notably the town's Slowpoke. The fan art by jamiedrummond gives a lovely makeover in pixel art that shows Slowpoke and Slowbro bathing in the waters of the cave, while Slowking is sitting on top of one of the rocks. According to the story, a Slowpoke from the well ended a drought that devastated the town 400 years before the games' events with just a yawn. In addition to the interesting lore, the Slowpoke Well draws attention to being one of the Gen 2 locations based on real places.

The fan art by jamiedrummond is part of the project called Johto Redrawn, where artists came together to redraw the region and make an interactive map. On the map, players can find all the locations from the Gen 2 games, including the Lake of Rage, where it is possible to discover wild Pokemon like Hoothoot and the red Gyarados. Johto Redrawn is part of a larger project called Retro Redrawn that reimagined the map from The Legend of Zelda and can be explored in two different ways. The same project is also reimagining the entire Kanto region.

Pokemon is a franchise that entertains not only because of the characters but also because of these locations. Some have generated funny stories, such as Route 12 of Kanto, where Snorlax appears blocking the way. Others, like Lavender Town, touched Pokemon fans. There are also beautiful Pokemon locations, which are must-see places for trainers to learn even more about this series that entertains players of all ages.

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