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About Bruna Telles

Bruna is an advertising executive, but has been working as a pop culture journalist since 2004. Juror at the Brazil Game Awards since 2020, she loves fighting games, indies, and mobile. (And spends too much time playing mobile MOBAs) Pop culture is her love, especially games, anime, and music. 

pokemon-fan-art-reimagines-slowpoke-well-from-gold-and-silver 1
Impressive Pokemon Fan Art Reimagines Slowpoke Well From Gold and Silver

A talented Pokemon fan reimagines Slowpoke Well, one of Gold and Silver's iconic locations, and shares it with other Pokemon fans.

street-fighter-6-is-one-of-the-highest-rated-games-of-the-year-gamerant 1
Street Fighter 6 is one of the Highest-Rated Games of the Year

The first Street Fighter 6 reviews are out, and everything points to Capcom having another successful release on its hands.

zelda-tears-of-the-kingdom-player-builds-helicopter-in-the-game-gamerant 1
Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Player Builds Helicopter in the Game

A Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player creates an in-game helicopter, showing how players are coming up with really creative ideas.

interesting-theory-would-explain-the-symbiotes-origin-in-marvels-spider-man-2-gamerant 1
Interesting Theory Would Explain the Symbiote’s Origin in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

A fan gives a good theory about the symbiote's origin in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, after Insomniac revealed a new trailer for the game.

minecraft-trails-tales-update-gets-release-date-gamerant 1
Minecraft Trails and Tales Update Finally Gets Release Date

It's a good day for Minecraft players, as Mojang finally announces the release date for the long-awaited Trails and Tales update.

zelda-tears-of-the-kingdom-glitch-lets-link-one-shot-his-enemies-gamerant 1
Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Glitch Lets Link One-Shot His Enemies

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players discover a glitch that allows Link to one-shot his enemies, making combat much less complicated.

rumor-diablo-immortals-new-class-is-a-classic-diablo-1-foe 1
Rumor: Diablo Immortal's New Class Is a Classic Diablo 1 Foe

A leak reveals that Diablo Immortal's new class may be a familiar name to veteran players, with the character coming from the first game.

blizzard-fined-over-diablo-immortal-loot-boxes-gamerant 1
Blizzard Fined Over Diablo Immortal

Blizzard is fined over Diablo Immortal, but the amount that was set for fine is quite modest in relation to the company's earnings.

pokemon-go-player-gets-incredibly-lucky-during-shadow-raid 1
Pokemon GO Player Gets Incredibly Lucky During Shadow Raid

A Pokemon GO player gets incredibly lucky during a Shadow Raid and shows other players an amazing catch made during the Rising Shadows event.

gamer-finds-nostalgic-game-collection-at-their-grandpas-house-gamerant 1
Gamer Finds Nostalgic Game Collection at Their Grandpa’s House

A gamer makes an amazing discovery while cleaning out their grandpa's house when they finds an impressive collection of classic games.

Dying Light 2 Confirms Unexpected Crossover 1
Dying Light 2 Confirms Unexpected Crossover

Dying Light 2 announces an unexpected crossover with an iconic franchise, bringing an event with goals and exclusive items for players.

honkai-impact-3rd-leak-seele-new-battle-suit-gamerant 1
Honkai Impact 3rd Leaks New Seele Battle Suit

A Honkai Impact 3rd leak brings information about one of the game's characters and is getting the game's community extremely excited.

zelda-tears-of-the-kingdom-fuse-ability-used-to-create-sword-and-shield-based-on-construction-company-president-gamerant 1
Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Fuse Ability Used to Create Sword and Shield Based on Construction Company President

A creative Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player creates a sword and shield based on the iconic construction company president with the Fuse ability.

horizon-forbidden-west-devs-say-its-easy-to-ignore-controversy-over-aloy-kiss-gamerant 1
Horizon Forbidden West Devs Say It's 'Easy to Ignore' Controversy Over Aloy Kiss

Horizon Forbidden West developers talk about Aloy's kiss with Seyka in the new Burning Shores DLC, and the negative reaction from some 'fans.'

pokemon-go-not-budging-on-remote-raids-wont-address-hearusniantic-movement 1
Pokemon GO Not Budging on Remote Raids, Won't Address HearUsNiantic Movement

Niantic breaks silence on Pokemon GO's Remote Raids controversy, one of the most talked about issues in the game's community this year.

pokemon-go-leak-reveals-scarlet-and-violet-pokemon-coming-soon 1
Pokemon GO Leak Reveals Scarlet and Violet Pokemon Coming Soon

A Pokemon GO leak reveals that Pokemon from Scarlet and Violet will soon be added to the game, including some fan-favorite names.

diablo-4-fans-are-sold-on-the-game-after-server-slam-beta 1
Diablo 4 Fans Are 'Sold' on the Game After Server Slam Beta

Diablo 4 players share their excitement after the Server Slam beta, and say they are 'sold' on the next entry in Blizzard's franchise.

diablo-player-defeats-ashava-solo-gamerant 1
Diablo 4 Player Defeats Ashava Solo

A Diablo 4 player solos World Boss Ashava, accomplishing an incredibly impressive feat in the action-RPG's Server Slam beta.

pokemon-gos-silph-road-community-is-shutting-down 1
Pokemon GO's Silph Road Community is Shutting Down

Pokemon GO's The Silph Road announces it is shutting down, leaving players devastated about the end of one of the game's most popular communities.

pokemon-fan-art-imagines-slowking-as-a-human 1
Pokemon Fan Art Imagines Slowking as a Human

Creative Pokemon fan art imagines Slowing as a human, transforming the Gen 1 monster into a character worthy of its original form.

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